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Zeno'bia, queen of Palymra, in 267 A. D., succeeded Odenathus, her husband, who had been acknowledged by Gallienus in the sovereignty of the Palmyrene empire; but when Aurelian became emperor he marched against her with a large army, and after defeating her in several battles besieged her in Palmyra. She attempted to escape by flight, but was captured and brought to Rome to adorn the triumph of her conqueror. After this she was presented by Aurelian with large possessions near Tivoli. There the remainder of her life was passed. She was a woman of great courage, high spirit and remarkable beauty. With purity of morals in private life she combined prudence, justice and liberality in her administration of public affairs. Consult Gibbon's Decline of the Roman Empire and Ware's Zenobia.