The New York Times/1866/01/23/The $9,000 Jewelry Robbery

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The $9,000 Jewelry Robbery  (1866) 

The $9,000 Jewelry Robbery. Yesterday afternoon Charles and Lewis Lindauer, recently arrested in New-York on a charge of being implicated in the robbery of $9,000 worth of jewelry from the safe of Baldwin Co., at Newark, on the night of the 9th of December, were taken before Justice Sandford for examination. Charles Lindauer being sworn, a general denial of any connection with the robbery. He stated that was not at the establishment of Messrs. Baldwin & Co. on the morning eight days previous to the robbery, when, it is alleged, that be visited the place with his cousin [sic], Lewis, and inquired in relation to a diamond; and further, that on the night of the robbery be was in various places in Broadway, above Grand-street, New-York. The examination was not concluded at 6 P.M. There were quite a number of witnesses present from New-York, …

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Notes: $9,000 in 1866 is worth $148,000 in 2021. Lewis is Louis Julius Lindauer, and they were brothers, not cousins. Other coverage of the Baldwin Robbery properly identifies their relationship.