The New York Times/1925/12/14/Miner's Family Starving

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Pennsylvania Farmer Saves Them—Will Help Till Strike Ends.
Special to The New York Times

SHAMOKIN, Pa., Dec. 13—That farmers are as charitable as others was manifested here when an Irish Valley man was approached by a striking miner's wife who had always purchased her Winter potatoes from him and was asked for credit until the close of the strike. All the woman sought was a lone bushel of the tubers and the farmer, appreciative of her patronage of the past, granted the request.

When he carried the potatoes into the home, five wan and peaked children rushed to the tub in which he had emptied them and proceeded to chew upon the raw potatoes as if they were the most juicy of fruits. It was then that the agriculturalist learned that the family was without the bare necessities of life.

After disposing of his load of potatoes the farmer returned to his house, loaded additional potatoes, apples and meats into a touring car and proceeded back to the home. In addition he gave the family cash to assist in tiding it through the strike period. He likewise volunteered future assistance in the event that the strike continues for any length on time.

Poor relief orders for food are being issued regularly here to strikers' families, it was said today.