The Nixon Tapes

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Transcripts of Meetings in the Oval Office[edit]

Nixon, Haldeman and Dean, 5:27-6:17pm, September 15, 1972. (The day of the seven indictments)

Nixon and Dean, 9:12-10:03pm, February 28, 1973.

Nixon, Haldeman and Dean, 12:42-2:00pm, March 13, 1973.

Nixon and Dean, 1:25-2:10pm, March 17, 1973.

Tape I - Conversation between Nixon and Kissinger's assistant Alexander Haig at 12:18pm on June 13th 1971. Haig comments that there is a "Goddam New York Times expose...devastating, uh, security breach", but Nixon reacts casually.

Tape II - Conversation between Nixon and Secretary of State William Rogers at 1:28pm on June 13th 1971. Nixon casually mentions that the leak of The Pentagon Papers is only damaging to his political rivals who preceded him.

Tape III - Conversation between Nixon and Henry Kissinger at 3:09pm on June 13th 1971. Kissinger tells Nixon that "it’s actionable, I’m absolutely certain that this violates all sorts of security laws", leading to Nixon's infamous comment that "people have gotta be put to the torch for this sort of thing".

Tape X - Conversation between Nixon, H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman on April 14th, 1973