The North American Review

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Volume 136[edit]

Issue 113[edit]

Volume 147[edit]

Issue 385[edit]

Volume 150[edit]

Issue 402 (May 1890)[edit]

Volume 151[edit]

Issue 406 (September 1890)[edit]

Volume 165[edit]

Issue 490 (September 1897)[edit]

Volume 168[edit]

Issue 506 (January 1899)[edit]

Issue 507 (February 1899)[edit]

Volume 170[edit]

Issue 518 (January 1900)[edit]

Issue 521 (April 1900)[edit]

Issue 522 (May 1900)[edit]

Issue 523 (June 1900)[edit]

Volume 171[edit]

Issue 526 (September 1900)[edit]

Volume 206[edit]

Issue 742 (September 1917)[edit]

Copyright renewals[edit]

No general copyright renewals for this magazine for the period 1923-1940 have been located. The following are the only specific articles for which renewals could be found: