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La Rose D'Amour.[edit]

Or the Adventures of a Gentleman in search of Pleasure. Translated from the French. (Continued)

In the course of a few weeks a vessel arrived in the creek, laden with furniture for the chateau, and the upholsterer presented himself to me. I took him through the building, showing him in what style I wished such and such rooms furnished.

The room of fountains was simply furnished with cushions of rich satin and silk, and musical instruments, as I intended, it merely for smoking, singing, and dancing.

The other long room opposite was furnished with bedsteads of finest rosewood, inlaid with gold, silver, pearl, and even precious stones. Each bed had springs placed in it, and was stuffed with the finest down. The sheets were cambric of the finest texture, coverlets of silks and satins, beautifully worked, while over all was a spread of Brussels or point lace.

The curtains were of crimson velvet, set off with white silk. In the alcove of each bed was placed a mirror, set in frames of silver.

The floor was covered with the richest carpets; the walls were hung with silk, on which were worked the loves of Cupid and Psyche, Rape of Europa, Leda ravished by Jupiter in the shape of a swan, Diana issuing from the bath, a procession of naked female Bacchanalians carrying the Jolly Gods in Triumph on their shoulders, and other devices.

Instead of chairs and sofas there were cushions placed in the room, worked with pearls and precious stones, bordered with fringe of pure bullion.

Each bed stood on a raised dais of mahogany. The carpets were of the richest texture, so soft and thick that the foot sank ankle deep in them. At one end of the chamber was the state bed; it was partitioned off from the other parts of the room by a curtain of blue velvet.

This apartment was furnished as a Turkish tent, the drapery (of green velvet) depended from a centre-piece of gold stars, and was drawn down to the sides so as to form a perfect tent.

The bed stood in the centre of the place, it was made of beautifully carved cedar from Lebanon; the posts, head and foot boards were ornamented with designs of birds, fishes, men and women, &c., of pure gold and silver, set with precious stones. Curtains of richly wrought velvet, looped up with chains of gold, completed the coup d'oeil.

I had placed no ornament in this apartment, so it was designed as an initiatory bed for all the beauties I could bring to the place. And although licentious pictures, statutes, &c. may have an exhilarating effect upon men at times, they also, by their beauty, attract the attention from the dear creatures we might be enjoying.

Adjoining this large bedchamber furnished one as a dressing-room. The walls and ceiling were inlaid with large plate mirrors, making the room one complete looking-glass. At the sides, overhead, no matter where they might look, whosoever entered it could see nothing but their reflections.

Here were placed stands and toilette table, of chased gold and silver, ivory, and pearl; all the perfumes of the East, all the cosmetics that could enhance the beauty, and give youth and fullness to those who inhabited the place, were here in profusion.

Adjoining the room of glasses was a drawing-room which looked out on the garden. The doors and windows opened on to a balcony running the full length of that side of the castle. To this room I paid more attention than to any other. The floor was covered with a carpet of purple velvet, stuffed with down. The rarest productions of the old masters adorned the walls, mirrors, framed in gold, depending from the beaks of birds wrought in silver, hung between the paintings. In each corner of the room stood a statue of one of the graces, in the bodies of which were set music boxes, made to discourse the sweetest music. On stands of alabaster were large vases, chefs d'oeuvre of Dresden manufacture, containing sweet smelling flowers; while the richest spices and perfumes of Araby, burning in censors entirely concealed in niches in the wall, diffused through the room odours that enchanted the senses.

Here it was that I received my mistresses after all the rooms were furnished.

During the time the workmen were busy arranging the rooms and furniture, I had kept them in a distant wing of the chateau, refusing to see them till everything was finished. I had secured the services of a dozen or more lusty fellows and wenches, to serve as servants and guards to those I might wish to detain.

One of the men I made the servant of the bedchamber - so called, as he was the only male I allowed in this part of the castle. Him I sent to bring to me La Rose d'Amour and the voluptuous Russian, with Rose, Manette and Marie.

When they entered I was reclining on a pile of cushions, dressed in a loose robe of rich cashmere, with a Turkish cap on my head, ready prepared for a bath, to which I intended to take them.

So soon as the door was closed on them they ran up, and falling on me, devoured me with embraces and kisses. Oh, how they caught fire at the touch of me, and burned for that which I had kept them from more than a month, whilst I could scarcely restrain myself from throwing them on the floor and darting the liquid flame of love into them at once. But I restrained myself.

I took them into the garden of flowers, and showed them all my improvements there, the beautiful little lake surrounded with shrubs and trees, over the whole surface of which was a net of fine wire, which confined a quantity of rare birds.

Again we entered the chateau, and passed through to the bedchamber, where I showed them the fifty beds, telling them I intended to travel till I had procured fifty of the handsomest women in the world to lay in them.

From this we passed on to the bathing-room, and throwing off all covering, plunged into the perfumed waters.

After laying and wantoning in the bath for some time, I pulled the tassel of a bell, and four of the wenches I before mentioned entered to serve as waiting-maids.

We emerged from the water, and they dried our bodies and hair, and giving us loose gowns, we wrapped ourselves in them, and I led my beauties to the dressing-room.

I cannot depict their astonishment on entering this apartment of mirrors. Taking their gowns, I threw them out of the door and closed it. I told them to dress in the rich clothes which lay before them.

How great was their astonishment to see themselves reflected a thousand times in the walls and ceiling! The toilet stands seemed to be in every part of the room, and it was some time ere they could get over the confusion they were in, but with the help of one another they got dressed. The dresses I had provided for them were those used by the Turks - wide, loose pants and vests of satin, and short skirts, instead of the unhandy long shift.

After having dressed ourselves, I took them to the room of fountains, where we had a rich lunch. Here I opened to them my views, telling them that after one more trip to Paris, as soon as the yacht arrived which I had ordered, I intended to sail for Constantinople, where I would buy some of the most beautiful girls I could find, and also that I intended to purchase some mutes and eunuchs for my own harem, as I could not trust the females I might buy and bring with me the same as I could the ones that were now around me.

I told them I intended to take one or two of them with me in the vessel when I went, and that to be perfectly fair and impartial they should draw to see who should be the lucky ones; and also that I intended to have two of them sleep with me that night, and they must draw for that at the same time.

I had determined beforehand that I would sleep with Celestine and Caroline, and also that I would take them with me on my voyage, so I arranged the drawing that it came out as I wished.

At an early hour I led the way to the bedroom, followed by the five girls. It took us but a moment to put ourselves in a state of nakedness.

Oh, with what joy, what transports, I hugged their warm naked bodies to mine! How delightfully the soft, smooth, white skin of their bellies felt as they twined about in my arms! With what fervour did they fasten their moist, pouting lips to mine, devouring me with kisses, while their lustrous eyes sparkled and flashed with lustful fires.

I draw the voluptuous Celestine to the bed. My passions are raised to the highest pitch. My prick is swelled almost to bursting, its vermilion head stands erect against my belly, not to be bent without danger of breaking.

Celestine is on her back, her thighs apart, showing the lips of her luscious cunt slightly open, anxiously awaiting the attack.

I precipitate myself upon her; I pierce her to the very quick. She screams with mingled pain and pleasure.

The enormous head of my prick distends the folds and lips of her cunt to their utmost stretch. The storm increases, everything trembles, the lightnings flash, the rain pours, it comes in torrents! I spend! I die! My God, what pleasure! Oh, heavens, have mercy!

We rolled, we screamed, we bit, we yelled like demons from the excess of our pleasure. Her cunt is a small lake of sperm, my prick swims in it, lolling its length. I draw it out, and the pearly liquid gushes forth, flooding her thighs and the sheets with the rich mingled essence of our bodies.

Ah, my charming Celestine, what an excess of exquisite pleasure did I experience whilst in your arms that night. Thrice did I, goaded by my fierce lusts, bedew the cunts of my two noble mistresses with a deluge of the precious liquid, bountifully supplied by the stream of pleasure from love's reservoir.

I recovered myself a little, and paid a visit to Rose, Manette, and Marie, to each of whom I did justice, always advancing to the attack with head erect and flying colours. Nor did I leave one of them without having well oiled their precious little maws with the dear liquid that women are ever looking for.

On the following morning I started for Paris, accompanied by Caroline, dressed as a page, to finish my preparation for starting to Constantinople.

After stopping at my hotel, I sallied out with my female page to call on Rosalie de C, whom I was lucky enough to find alone.

Having embraced her, I introduced Caroline to her, asking when she would be ready to go with me to the chateau; she replied that she would be ready in two days.

I then enquired after her friend, the lovely Laura B-. I told Rosalie that I was determined to possess her friend Laura by some means or other, and that she must render me her assistance in securing her, and as I could think of no other plan, I proposed to Rosalie that she should go and get her friend to take an airing with her in the Bois de Boulogne, and that in a sequestrated place I would come up with them, alight from my carriage, and invite her and Laura to get out and take a walk, and that I would then throw a shawl over Laura's head, force her into my own carriage, take herself and Caroline, and set out with all possible speed for the castle.

Everything happened as I had arranged.

On coming up with Rosalie in the wood she accepted my invitation to walk.

I opened the door of the carriage, and as Laura passed out first, just as she reached the ground, Rosalie from behind threw a large shawl over her head, and drew the corners close around her neck, so that her voice could not be heard. I caught her up in my arms and carried her into my own carriage. Rosalie and Caroline entered immediately, and I dashed off with my fair prize at the top speed of four fine horses.

On the road to the chateau I stopped at no houses but those of persons whom I had brought over to my own interest.

Arrived at the place we stopped at for the night, I hurried with my companions into a large room prepared for us by a courier that I had sent in advance.

Immediately after my arrival supper was served. Dismissing all the attendants, I turned the key in the door, and for the first time since I had forced her into my carriage, I spoke to Laura.

I told her of my unconquerable love for her, of the feelings that were aroused in my heart towards her the first time that I saw her at Rosalie's house, and that I then formed the determination of carrying her off to the chateau. That I was determined no one else should be possessed of so much beauty, nor revel in such charms as she possessed.

I laid open to Laura all my plans. I informed her how I had fitted up the old castle, and for what purpose, telling her that she would there find Celestine C-, one of her old companions, and that Rosalie was another who willingly accompanied me. I introduced her to Caroline Z-, telling her rank, how I made a conquest of her, and her having linked her fortune with mine, and followed me to France.

I dwelt at some length on the life of luxurious ease and pleasure we should lead at the chateau, expatiating on the endless joys and ecstasies of her living with me in all the unrestrained liberty of sexual intercourse.

Rosalie and Caroline also spoke to her of the life of pleasure they led with me, describing to her, as well as they could, the extreme luxury of lying in a man's arms and being well fucked; and used all their powers of persuasion to induce her to go with them and me peaceably to the chateau.

Laura, from being at first very sulky, neither eating nor speaking to any of us, became somewhat mollified, so that she partook of the supper, and answered questions put to her by my two mistresses.

After the supper was removed I called for wine, and while we sat talking and drinking I took care to make the discourse run principally upon one subject alone - that of love and its natural consequences, the intercourse of the two sexes.

Caroline and Rosalie were very useful auxiliaries, talking with the utmost abandon, stripping and dancing about over the floor as the wine began to fly to their heads, uncovering their breasts, showing their bubbies, occasionally flirting up their petticoats, exhibiting a fine calf or knee, with other tricks, all of which tended to confuse the senses of the charming little Laura, who watched their movements all the while. I constantly plied her with wine till she became somewhat excited and a little free, making remarks on the two girls who were tussling on the floor.

I rang the bell, and ordered a bottle of white brandy, which, as soon as it was brought in, I uncorked, and pouring out glasses of it, invited my Russian to drink. She took up the glass, as did Rosalie, both declaring that Laura must drink with them. After some hesitation she took up the glass, and placing it to her lips, sipped a little of the liquor, and put it down.

Caroline and Rosalie, for the purpose of inducing the charming Laura to drink freely of the brandy, drank glass after glass of it, till Laura, from sipping, began to toss off her glass as well as either of us.

When I gave them the sign to retire for the night, Laura had become so intoxicated that she required the assistance of the other two to enable her to retire without staggering in her gait.

After they had got into their bedchamber, I stripped myself perfectly naked, and Caroline having left the door slightly ajar, I stepped into the room; hiding myself behind a bed curtain I observed the manoeuvres of my two lovely pimps.

They first undressed themselves stark naked, then did the same for the inebriated Laura. And then she stood in all her naked beauty before me, exhibiting charms to my ardent gaze, more lovely, if possible, than any I had heretofore ever enjoyed.

After my mistress had stripped Laura of her clothes, they viewed and admired her naked beauties, praising them above that of the Venus de Medicis, throwing her down on the floor, turning her over and over, squeezing her breasts, pinching her backside, opening her thighs, even the lips of the dear little niche between them. They praise its beauty, admire the lascivious plumpness of its lips, and even go so far as to lay their kisses upon it. The conversation running in praise, the while, on the pleasures she would mutually enjoy with the men who should be so lucky as to tear up the virgin defences which guarded the entrance to so delicious a little cunt.

I could now see Caroline insert the tip of her finger into the dear slit with which she was playing, and commence tickling her, while Rosalie threw her arms around her neck, and drawing her to a close embrace, kissed her, putting her tongue into Laura's mouth, which, with the frigging she was receiving from Caroline, caused her to experience the most delightful sensations, if I might judge from the exclamations and the wrigglings of her backside, as she squirmed about on the floor.

Perceiving, by the motions of Laura, that she would soon, for the first time, slightly experience the ecstatic joys which women can only procure the full enjoyment of when in the arms of a man. Seeing this I slipped out from my hiding place, and went and took the place of Caroline between her thighs (unperceived by Laura, whose face was hid in the bosom of Rosalie), and inserting my finger into her cream jug, I soon brought down a copious libation of the precious liquid with which my hand was plentifully bedewed, so freely did the liquid jet out once the sluice was opened.

Crossing her thighs over my body she almost squeezed the breath from me, exclaiming in broken accents:

"Oh, now it comes! Again - Oh, God! I faint. I die!"

Loosening her holds, she stretched herself out with, as usual, a gentle shudder, as the ecstasy caused her to faint away.

While Laura lay in her trance of pleasure I laid myself down in her arms, placing my cheek on her bosom, my lips touching hers, my hand still covering that dear slit, and my finger still retaining possession of its inner folds.

As I perceived Laura beginning to recover from her ecstasy, I drew her to my bosom and recommenced my titillations. I asked her if she was still angry with me for carrying her away, telling her that as soon as we arrived at the chateau she should enjoy all the reality of the unreal mockery she had just tasted through the agency of my fingers.

If her modesty and virtue were not entirely conquered, the motion of my finger reproduced in her the delicious sensations of pleasure from which she had just recovered, and which for the second time she was about to enjoy. She could make me no answer, but to throw her arms round my neck and glue her lips to mine.

My desires were excited to the highest pitch. I depicted to her the pleasure she would experience when, after arriving at the chateau, I should deflower her of her virginity, and triumphantly carry off her maidenhead on the head of this, "dear Laura," I said, as I took one of her hands and clasped it round my prick. "Then," said I, "you will know all the joys and pleasures of a real fuck."

"You will then," I continued, "experience all the sweet confusion, far different from what you now feel, of stretching wide apart your thighs to receive man between them, to feel his warm naked body joined to yours, the delicious preparatory toying with your breasts, the hot kisses lavished on them and on your lips, his roving tongue to force its way between your rosy lips in search of yours, the delicious meeting of them, their rolling about and tickling each other as mine now does yours," at the same time thrusting my tongue to meet hers.

"And then to feel him take his prick, and with the tips of his fingers part the lips of the flesh sheath into which he intends to shove it, putting the head of it between the lips, and gently shoving it in at first, stretching the poor little thing to its utmost extent, till, not without some pain to you, the head is effectually lodged in it. Then, after laying a kiss on your lips, he commences the attack by gently but firmly and steadily shoving into you, increasing his shoves harder and harder, till he thrusts with all his force, causing you to sigh and cry out, he thrusts hard, he gains a little at every move, he forces the barriers, he tears and roots up all your virginal defences, you cry out for mercy but receive none. His passions are aroused into madness, fire flashes from his eyes, concentrating all his energies for one tremendous thrust, he lunges forward, carries everything before him, and enters the fort by storm, reeking with the blood of his fair enemy, who with a scream of agony yields up her maidenhead to the conqueror, who, having put his victim hors de combat, proceeds to reap the reward of his hard fought and bloody battle.

"Now he draws himself out to the head, and slowly enters again. Again he draws out, and again enters, till the friction caused by the luscious tightness of the rich flesh which clasps tightly his foaming pego causes such delicious sensations that he is no longer master of himself.

"He lunges with fierceness into her, the crisis of pleasure approaches; he feels it coming, he drives it home to her - deeper, deeper. At last it comes - he spends.

"My God, the pleasure! His exclamations of Oh! ah! the deep drawn sighs, the short jerks of his backside, the quick motions of his rump, proclaim that the acme of pleasure has seized him, and that he is spurting into her the precious fluid which oils and cools the burning itchings of the dear little cunt, which has undergone the one painful trial to which all your sex is liable."

During my description Caroline had taken my pego in her hands, and had been playing with and rubbing it all the time. I still kept my finger in Laura, and perceiving by the twitching of her rump that she was about to spend.

"I - oh, dear - I - now - feel it. There, I come now, I spend. Ah, oh, oh, h-ha!" and I died away on her bosom, to awake and find that Laura had wet my hand with a most plentiful effusion of nectar ravished from her by my fingers; while I had squirted over her belly and thighs a flood of sperm.

Laura, without any murmurings, gave herself up to me and the seductive friggings of my fingers without any reserve, and not till nature was perfectly exhausted did we fall asleep in each other's arms.

In the morning, when Laura awoke and found herself lying in my arms, she sprang from my side, and snatching a coverlet from the bed, wrapped herself in it, and sat down in one corner, sobbing and weeping as though her heart would break.

I attempted to console her, but she would not listen to me, and having dressed myself I went into another room, while Caroline and Rosalie tried to bring her to herself again, and they succeeded so far as to bring her out to breakfast, which was shortly afterwards served.

At the table they rallied Laura for her coyness in the morning, after having spent so delightful a night with me, jesting her about my having procured for her with my finger the exquisite pleasure which had thrown her into such delicious swoons. Telling her how, when the fit was coming on her she would throw her arms round me, squeeze my hand between her thighs, wriggle her plump little buttocks, &c.

After having drank a few glasses of wine she had completely recovered her spirits.

I went out of the room to order the carriage, and on my return I found her tussling with the other girls, they trying to throw her down for the purpose of giving her a taste of the pleasure she had enjoyed so frequently through my agency during the night.

When I entered the two called me to come and help them, while Laura begged me to rescue her from the hands of her tormentors.

Whilst they were thus calling on me the landlord entered to announce the carriage, when taking Laura by the arm, I led her out, followed by the others. We entered the carriage and drove off.

It was late in the night when we arrived at the chateau, on the third day of our being on the road. I retired to bed and fell asleep, with all the girls sleeping around me, determined to touch none of them, reserving all the powers within me for the purpose of doing full justice to the maidenhead of the lovely Laura.

(To be continued.)

My Grandmother's Tale or May's Account of Her Introduction to the Art of Love.[edit]

From an unsophisticated Manuscript found amongst the old lady's papers, after her death, supposed to have been written about A.D. 1797.


When vacation came, and the school broke up, I returned home to my father, who was a widower. And Susey went to keep house for her bachelor uncle in Scotland.

We promised to keep up a regular correspondence, and to write a full account to each other of everything interesting.

I felt very lonely after Susey had gone, and missed Mr. T- more than I could tell.

My cunt demanded a large share of my attention. I did not know what to do with it. In vain I looked at it in the glass, combed it, I petted it, I frigged it with my finger, I poked it with a candle until I spent, but it was a poor substitute, I panted for that reality.

About this time I noticed Tom, the gardener's son, a lad of eighteen. He was always eager to work in my garden, and never seemed so happy as when I commended him.

One morning I was sitting in the summer-house when he returned from his breakfast.

Not seeing me he came to a corner near the summer-house, and, taking out his prick, began to make water. I could see it through the leaves as he held it in his hand. It was a large, strong-looking prick, and I feasted my eyes on its fair proportions. He seemed in no hurry to put it up, but looked at it as he drew back the skin, making its red head swell and bound in his hand. Then, with difficulty, he forced it into its usual hiding place, and went to his work.

The sight of this prick set my cunt on fire, and I resolved to get possession of it if I could.

I returned to my room, and taking off my drawers, carefully washed and dressed my cunt.

Then going back to the garden I called Tom, and told him to set up the ladder against the pear tree by the wall, as I wanted to see if the fruit was ripe. He held the ladder as I climbed up. He was just below me, and as I moved my legs about, reaching to the pears, he must have had a full view of all I had between them.

I glanced down to observe the effect. His face was flushed, and he was gazing up with all his eyes.

"Take care, Miss, or your will fall."

"No fear, Tom," I replied, stretching out to one side, when my foot slipped, and I came sliding down, just over him, so that his head passed up between my thighs.

He caught me in his arms, and as he held me for a moment I felt him kiss my cunt.

"Oh, Miss, are you hurt?"

"Not much, only a little stunned. Carry me into the summer-house."

He took me in his arms, his hand still resting on my naked bottom, and laid me on a seat.

"Shall I call anyone, Miss? You seem very faint."

"No Tom. I shall be all right in a few mintues; it is only my knee."

I lay on my back with one leg up. He was kneeling on the ground at my side. I saw him peeping up under my dress.

"Is it here, Miss?" Putting his hand on my knee, "May I rub it?" "Yes Tom, thank you, that makes it better."

He rubbed my knee, he touched my thigh above the stocking, he moved his hand gradually higher and higher, until at last he slightly touched the hair on my cunt. He looked up at my face. I lay with my eyes closed.

He grew bolder, he pressed the lips, he felt the chink between, he rubbed the clitoris.

"Tom, where are you putting your hand?" I said in a languid tone.

"Oh Miss, I can't help it. You are so beautiful."

He convulsively grasped my cunt, and pushed his fingers into its glowing slit.

"Tom, I cannot allow this, let me up."

"Darling Miss May, don't be angry."

He forced his head under my clothes, and rapturously kissed my cunt.

I trembled with delight as I felt the touch of his lips, and the soft probing of his tongue, yet for appearance' sake, I cried, "For shame, Tom, let me up, you are making me very angry."

I raised myself on my elbow, and saw that his prick was out and standing in fine condition.

"Tom, how dare you expose yourself in that manner. Go away." "Miss May, I can't help it, indeed I can't."

He still kept his hand on my cunt, opening and closing the lips, and pinching the clitoris.

He drew me across the wide seat, and getting in between my thighs, pushed the head of his prick against the lips of my cunt.

"Sweet Miss May, do let me put it in, oh do."

"No Tom, I won't allow it. Let me up now, perhaps I may some other time."

He pushed again, the head entered, it passed up, the whole prick was in, it filled my cunt.

My hungry cunt, with what eagerness it sucked in a morsel so delicious! Oh! there is nothing to be compared to a standing prick for gratifying a girl who knows and understands the supreme delights of fucking.

So I lay back and let him work away. "Tom, what are you doing?"

"I am only - fucking - fucking your cunt - Miss May. Oh! how good you are - ain't that nice!" he said, as he drove up his prick with most thrilling effect.

"It is, dear Tom, press up to my heart."

"Do you like my fucking you, Miss?"

"Yes, Tom, you have a very nice prick, but take care or you may do me harm."

The dear fellow understood me, and just before he spent drew out his prick. I took it in my hand, and held it while it poured forth a torrent of love's juice.

I need not say that after this many happy love scenes were enacted in the summer-house.

Tom proved very docile and prudent. He had a wonderful prick, always ready for its work, and eager for a fuck. He knew well how to use it with effect, and I soon found that he was no tyro in the art of love.

He told me many curious things; among others, that papa was in the habit of fucking our milk-maid Sarah in the hayloft. It was she herself told him, for he had been the first to open her maiden channel.

He offered to place me in a position where I could safely witness all that passed between them.

"Meet me early to-morrow morning. For it is after Sarah brings in the milk, and while Robert the groom is at his breakfast, that the master comes out."

So the next morning Tom conducted me to the hay-loft. He covered himself and me lightly with the hay.

We had not long to wait, for we soon heard papa talking in a low voice to Sarah as they came up the ladder.

They came down near us.

Papa then said: "Take him out, Sarah, I have been longing for a fuck all night."

She unbuttoned his trousers and drew out his prick. It was in good order, with a fine large ruby head.

The sight of my father's prick had a curious effect on me. At first I did not like to look at it, but at length the amorous feeling overpowered every other; and I almost

envied Sarah as she held it admiringly in her hand, slowly moving it up and down. Then she took out his balls, and putting her hand underneath pushed it on to his bottom.

He had meanwhile pulled up her coats, and uncovered a fine thick-lipped cunt, which pouted in fleshy luxuriance.

"What a splendid affair you have, Sarah! It is the most lascivious cunt I ever looked at. Now tell me, who fucked you last?"

"La, sir, why do you ask me that?"

"Just because it excites me more to hear you tell. You know I don't care who fucks you, provided you hide nothing from me, and keep yourself from harm. Did not Robert fuck you last evening? Your face was so red when I met you after leaving him."

"Well, to tell the truth, sir, he did." "Tell me how it happened."

"I went into the stable to borrow a lantern, he caught me in his arms and kissed me. Then he forced me back on a heap of straw, pushed his hand under my petticoats, and got hold of my cunt. I scolded him, and boxed his ears. He did not mind, but squeezing in between my thighs, he thrust his big tool into my cunt, and fucked me like mad."

"Has he a big tool, Sarah?"

"Yes, it is very big and strong, but he does not use it as nicely as you do, he is always in too great a hurry."

Papa now got over her, she held his prick, and with his hand directed it into her cunt. He pushed it slowly up until his balls pressed her bottom. She grasped his buttocks, an vigorously heaved up to meet every thrust he gave, saying at every heave, "Dear sir, oh, how nice - push it in - drive it home - that's the way - how your prick fills my cunt - fuck me fast - fuck me hard."

I was leaning forward on the hay, and Tom over me, his prick and balls resting on my naked bottom; but as soon as papa commenced fucking Sarah, he lodged his prick in my cunt.

He then timed his strokes, so that each time papa pushed I felt Tom's prick driving up my cunt, and his hair tickling my bum.

I spread my thighs and raised my bottom, Tom suddenly drew out his prick, and holding open the cheeks of my bottom, popped it in there. As it was well moistened with the juice of my cunt, it slipped in easily. I dared not speak, so had to let him have his own way.

He pushed it home, and bending his arms round my hip he frigged my cunt. After a few strokes, which were far from disagreeable, he administered a warm and soothing enema, just as papa with a grunt of satisfaction poured his libation at the shrine of Sarah's cunt.

He then got up and went away, after telling her to remain until he was out of the yard.

He had not gone many minutes when Robert popped up his head.

"Holloa, Sarah, so master has been just oiling your notch. I heard him fucking you, and all you said too. And now I'll have my revenge."

He seized her in his arms, threw her on the hay, and pitched her clothes over her head.

She struggled and kicked her legs about in the air, but Robert held her down while he gloated over her wriggling bum and inflamed cunt. It looked very red and open, while the rich juices of her previous fuck trickled down her bottom.

"So you say master fucks better than I do, and that I am always in too great a hurry. Well, I will be slow enough now."

He took out his prick, and held it in his hand, while he opened the lips of her cunt.

It was the largest prick I ever saw, and had a tremendous head. I was curious to see how she could take it in. He pushed it against her cunt. She plunged about.

"Be quiet," he shouted, giving her a slap on the bottom. "Keep your arse quiet, I say, and mind your fucking."

He forced the head in, and, to my surprise, it passed easily in. The huge prick must have filled her belly. He grasped the cheeks of her bottom on each side, and held her up, as he plunged his great prick with wonderful force in and out of her smoking gap.

I had seen many a fuck, but never a fuck like this. I admired the wonderful size and strength of Robert's prick, and could not repress a longing for a taste of its prowess.

Tom too was greatly excited by the scene, and fucked me in his best style. But it was the idea of Robert's prick that filled my mind.

The next afternoon, drawn by an irresistible attraction, I went into the stable.

"Robert, I have come to look after my mare, I think she wants to be clipped," and I stepped up.

"Take care, Miss," he said, putting his hand on my shoulder, "she is very restive just now."

"Oh, I am not afraid," and I began to pat her.

He made some kind of noise that caused her, I think, to plunge and kick.

"I told you so, Miss," he said, passing his hand down over my bosom, and drawing me towards him. "It is a mercy you were not killed." And he pressed me in his arms.

"Robert, let me go - where are you drawing me - you will make me fall. Oh! what do you mean - don't push your knees there - don't attempt to raise my dress. Robert, what are you about - I won't let you - take it away - you must not do it - Oh! oh!! - you are hurting me - Oh, my! what are you pushing in - yes, I do feel it - hold me in your arms - yes, I like that - you may fuck me, Robert, as hard as you like."

The monstrous prick was in my cunt. I felt it everywhere. He grasped my buttocks. He lifted me up. As he arose I clasped my arms round his neck, and crossed my legs over his back. He carried me around the stable, with his prick still embedded in my cunt. It seemed to penetrate to my very heart. Every nerve within me thrilled with rapture, as he shot into my vitals a stream of gushing sperm.

It was the first time I had ever received into my cunt the seed of man, and the feeling was intensely delicious.

"What have you done, Robert? Perhaps you have ruined me for life."

"Not at all, Miss, look here," and he showed me a large syringe, "and there happens to be warm water in this bucket. Let me syringe your cunt at once, it will remove all danger."

I lay back with my thighs widely extended, while he poured such a flood of water into my cunt as must have washed out every trace.

Robert then wiped and kissed it, after which he knelt by my side, and presented before me his prick once more in splendid condition.

"What a great fellow you have, Robert," I said as I chafed it in my hand, and uncovered its rosy head. I kissed it, and with difficulty took part of it in my mouth.

"Oh, Miss May, you are very good, and you have the sweetest cunt I ever fucked, may I put it in again?"

"Not this time, Robert, I would rather pet this fine fellow, while you are tickling my cunt."

So keeping its glowing head in my mouth, with one hand I frigged the shaft, and with the other stirred his balls and touched his bottom, while he was equally busy about my seat of pleasure, deliciously frigging with his fingers each sensitive orifice.

And just as I felt my cunt flooded with love's effusion, he shot into my mouth such a torrent of seed that I could not swallow it fast enough, and it squirted out on each side of my mouth. It was pungent and pleasant to the taste.

Before I left him he swore on his oath never to speak of what had just happened, and he proved loyal and true.

I had now two esquires both able and willing to gratify me at any time, or in any way. And although I soon found out more of papa's secret amours, yet I myself exercised the greatest care and circumspection.

A few days after this adventure papa told me that as he considered I must be very lonely so much by myself, he had asked a young lady named Kate L- to come and stay with us for some time.

In due course she arrived. She was a nice, pleasing girl, with dark hair and eyes, and three years older than I was. I found her amiable and obliging, and ready to enter into my plans and share in my amusements.

Papa paid her particular attention, and I observed she did not seem at all averse.

They were often alone together, and I guessed something was going on, but she never told me anything.

Her bedroom was separated from mine by a bathroom, into which both our rooms opened.

One night, when we went upstairs, I sat for some time with her, and after bidding her good night, I passed through the bathroom, leaving the doors slightly opened. When I had undressed I put out my candle, and sat by the fire to warm my feet before going to bed.

I had not sat long when my curiosity was excited by hearing whispering in Kate's room.

I crept softly to the open door and listened. "Oh, sir, why have you come into my bed?" "Because I am so fond of you, my darling."

"If you were really fond of me you would not come to me in this way - don't - I pray you leave me - oh, my! - how can you be so nasty - take your hand off me - I don't like it - no, it is not nice - let my hands go - I won't hold it - I won't move it up and down - don't separate my thighs with your knee - what are you getting over me for? What are you pushing into me?"

"My prick, darling Kate. There, don't struggle, my pet, let it in, don't be frightened, I won't harm you in any way. Open your thighs, that's the sweet girl. Now I'll push it in as gently as possible. There, it is in, it is all the way up."

Then the bed began to creak, and the clothes to rustle.

"Put your arms around me, my love. Heave up your dainty little bottom. That's right. Do you know what doing this is called?"

"No sir."

"It is called fucking. Isn't fucking very pleasant?"

"Yes, it is now. Do I heave up right?"

"My darling, you heave as if you had been fucking all your life. Pinch my bottom. May I pinch yours?"

"Yes, as hard as you like."

"Now place your hand here. Hold my prick. Hold it tight. Oh! there it comes."

And rolling off her he lay panting at her side.

I felt greatly excited, and crept into the room, close up to the bed. I heard them kissing.

"Did I hurt you, my love?"

"You did a little at first, but when your prick was well in, and you commenced fucking, there was no feeling but pleasure. Would you like me to pet your prick now?"

"I would, darling, rub it up and down, this way, put your other hand on the balls, move your fingers further back, still further, there."

"Have you much feeling there?"

"Yes, there is great feeling behind the balls; don't you feel the root of the prick extending back to the little hole? That's a dear girl, the touch of your finger there is delicious. Push it in a little, my sweet pet. Kate, did you ever look at May's cunt?"

"Yes, I have seen it when she was in the bath; it looks well covered with hair."

"I am sure if you made free with her you would have great fun together, for, unless I am greatly mistaken, she has a very randy disposition. Promise to try to- morrow night, and tell me next day all that you have succeeded in finding out."

She promised to carry out his wishes.

"But now that you have worked up my prick we must have another fuck. Lie over me this time."

I heard her getting over him.

"Now it's in, heave away my love. You must do all the fucking yourself." She panted as she worked her nimble bottom up and down over him. "Do you like it this way, my love?"

"Yes, as a variety, but I like better to have you lying over me, and pushing in your prick."

He now prepared to leave, and I started for my own room, and was soon fast asleep.

I had several amorous dreams that night. I thought that Robert was flicking me in the loft, when papa came behind, pulled him off, and thrust his own prick into my cunt, and fucked me most delightfully. In my dream I felt no surprise at papa's fucking me; on the contrary, the idea seemed to add greatly to my enjoyment.

The next evening Kate offered to sleep with me. I could not repress a smile as I consented.

When we were undressing Kate said: "I would like to see you quite naked, May. You know we girls need not be ashamed of one another, and I will set the example."

She threw off her shift and stood before me, then pointing to my cunt she remarked that I had a great deal of hair there.

I replied that her dark hair was prettier, for it set off the whiteness of her skin.

She put her hand on my cunt, and asked me to let her feel it, "and you may feel mine if you like."

She touched the clitoris, and passing her finger down the slit pushed it up the passage, and said:

"Dear May, you are very open, were you always as open as you are now?" "No, I was not; but are not you very open too?"

She smiled as she said: "May, if you will give me your full confidence I will promise you mine."

"Agreed," said I.

"Did you ever see what a man has here?"

"I did, did you?"

"Yes, do you know what it is called?"

"I have heard it called a prick, is that it?"

"It is. Had you ever a prick in here?"

"I have Kate, haven't you?"

"Yes, dear. Now tell me how it happened, and I'll tell you about myself afterwards."

I related my adventure with Mr. T-, and how he was, so fond of kissing and sucking my cunt.

"Would you like me to kiss it?"

"I would, dear Kate, and I'll kiss yours too."

"Well, lean back, lift your legs, open your thighs as widely as you can. There, do you like that?"

Holding my buttocks with her hands she sucked my cunt with great ardour, rolling her tongue round and round, and thrusting it up the passage.

After enjoying it for a while I said, "It is my turn now, dear Kate, let me pet and kiss your sweet cunt, while you are giving me the account you promised."

I sat on a stool between her thighs, and with my mouth buried in her open cunt, listened to her narrative.

(To be continued.)

A Secret Revealed[edit]


The True Reason Why Queen Esther Pleased the King More Than All the Other Virgins.

From an Original Essay by I. van Meyen. Amsterdam, A.D. 1629. Text. - Esther, Chap. II, v. 2 to 17 inclusive.

The Jewish Rabbis have a tradition that it was entirely owing to the training Mordecai gave to his cousin Hadassah (or Esther), in order to prepare the young girl to be his own wife, that she was enabled to bear off the palm from all the competing virgins, when the whim of the Court suddenly causes her to be impressed for the royal pleasures, as well as hundreds of other beautiful girls throughout the kingdom, which of course at once quashes all her cousin's plans for his own future enjoyment.

Robbed of his prospective bride, Mordecai had the brilliant idea of making Esther's advancement the stepping stone of his own fortunes. He knew that kings regarded their numerous concubines as so many toys only to be cast aside, and perhaps never even looked upon again, when they had once submitted to the Royal ravisher, and his natural shrewdness and great knowledge of human nature made him reflect how cloyed and disgusted even a king must get with the sameness of the pleasure,* which the taking of hundreds of maidenheads from unresisting virgins could only afford him.

Accordingly, as the tradition has it, he secretly sent her instructions to rehearse with the seven virgins, her companions (see v. 9), all the salacious ideas which he had himself instilled in her mind in view of his own future gratification, and also especially enjoined upon her the wisdom of putting aside all modesty when her turn came to enter the Royal presence, to submit to his embraces most joyfully, also to put on the greatest possible semblance of erotic desire and abandon, and finally when she found her sovereign completely used up, she was to entreat His Majesty to allow her maidens to enter his presence, and enact with her such scenes as would restore his prostrated energies in a very short time.

The old tradition is silent as to what took place when Ahasuerus was so delighted that he placed the crown upon Esther's head, and made her queen in the room of Vashti, divorced. But from many allusions contained in the writings of ancient Talmudists, who enlarged upon such an interesting subject, I have made out something as follows:

Mordecai had managed to convey to his cousin a small box of magic ointment, which he had procured from one of the magi (a forbidden sect in Persia in those days), the effect of which he assured her was most marvellous when applied to the parts of generation in either sex.

Thus provided, she was conducted by the chamberlain to the king's house, and ushered into his august presence, whilst the seven virgins, her companions, were left in an antechamber. Esther being simply naked, with an azure girdle ornamented with stars of gold round her loins, sandals of gold on her feet, a wide coral necklace around her splendid throat, whilst the raven tresses of her silken hair were ornamented by a profusion of splendid pearls. Thus she stood as she bowed her head before Ahasuerus, a thin veil of gauzy texture covering her from head to foot in such a way as to set off the splendour of her charms rather than hide them from the eye. Her virgins had no such pearls or necklets, but simple azure girdles, with silver stars and silver sandals.

The king was reclining upon a magnificent couch, as she knelt down to pay her homage to her sovereign lord and master. He was a handsome man of about forty, with a used-up "blase" expression of countenance.

"Come, pretty girl, and kiss my Royal prick; perchance thy luscious lips may raise some slight desire, which I may gratify, but alas, all virgin beauties cease to inflame my once amorous disposition. Dost know aught, fair child, thou thinkest would please me?"

"Most Royal Prince, whom all the earth obeys, let not thine heart be sad, because the fires of love have paled within thy bosom. I have a box of magic unguent will restore thy youthful vigour, and if my maiden companions may be permitted to attend me in your Royal presence, we will play such games, the sight of which shall rouse a perfect storm of passionate desire!"

"Good God! do I hear aright? haste fair maiden to begin, call thy virgins, and if thou pleaseth me thou art queen!"

Esther, kneeling down, ventured to open the front of the Royal robe, and taking his limp priapus reverently in her hand, drew back the foreskin, and imprinted a kiss upon its ruby head, at the same time using her tongue so skilfully that he experienced quite a pleasurable sensation from its touches round the entrance to the urethra.

"Rise, maiden, and call thy fellows."

"Most Royal Prince, ere I rise from my knees, give thy word of honour that whatever we do shall be pardoned in advance, or we may not feel free to touch thy Royal person."

"Thou shalt be queen, and I thy subject till break of day, do what thou wilt sweet maid!"

The other seven virgins being summoned, Esther first ordered them to strip the king perfectly naked, then she anointed the Royal priapus and fundus with the magic ointment, working her fingers so deftly, especially in the tight hole of the latter, that she soon perceived some signs of virility, as the lordly member began to throb and swell.

"Enough," cried Esther, "now the king shall see me ravish my seven virgins before he takes my own virginity," producing as she said this an imitation mandrake of tremendous size quite ten inches long, and thick in proportion, provided with straps, so that she could adjust it upon herself; thus furnished, she ordered four of her companions to seize one of their number, and hold the victim down upon a couch, with legs and arms well stretched out, then throwing herself upon the trembling girl, ruthlessly plunged her great machine through all the virgin obstacles.

The screams of pain, struggles, and sighs of the different victims as they were deflowered in turn so affected the king that he was almost mad with lust, and ready to throw himself upon the lascivious Esther, had not the girls, two at a time, taken in turn the trouble to play with and excite him more and more, at the same time restraining him as long as possible, till as Esther was in the act of sacrificing the seventh victim, he felt the crisis approaching, and springing away from their restraint, threw himself upon her bottom, clasping her tightly round her waist, as his bursting pego plunged at the door of her maidenhead from behind.

This had been expected, and his two attendants, acting upon previous instructions, at once went to his assistance, the fingers of one opening the moist lips of the haven of love, whilst her companion's hand guided the head of the restive courser, till it was fairly lodged just within that tight but luscious mouth.

Esther was now screaming in pain as well as her victim, but she was so excited, and longing to be made a woman herself, that her bottom pushed out to meet his thrust, and achieved her fate almost in a moment.

The king, finding himself buried to the hilt of his weapon, paused to enjoy the voluptuous pressures and delicious warmth of the tight-fitting sheath he had penetrated, wishing to prolong the exquisite sensations which thrilled through his frame.

The two girls who had guided him into the seat of bliss now kissed and played with the Royal appendages, handling his affair, drawing back the skin as far as possible, and working their fingers in his bottom-hole, till he could retain himself no longer, and again pushing furiously into Esther, deluged her longing gap with a profusion of the seed Royal, almost screaming, "Oh, heavens! what pleasure! I melt! I die!" and then fell prone upon her back from excess of emotion.

"Esther, thou art my queen," were the first words he uttered as soon as he could speak.

The seven (no longer virgins) now washed the king and queen, and then themselves, after which all were refreshed and reinvigorated by stimulating wines and viands. Esther again excited her Royal spouse, till his pego was as a bar of iron; she made him enter the bottoms of all her maids, but without spending his Royal seed, till at last presenting her own lovely buttocks, she received the weapon of love in her anus, and kept him there till he rewarded her devotion by another copious emission.

Thus she became queen, and, as the king said when he presented her to the nobles of the Court, she surpassed in virtue and loveliness all the women of his realm.

The Marriage Morn.[edit]

Tune — The Merry Dance.

The marriage morn I can't forget,
My senses teem'd with new delight;
Time, cry'd I, haste the coming night,
And Hymen, give me sweet Lisette:
I whisper'd softly in her ear,
And said, "The God of Night draws near."
Oh, how she look'd! Oh, how she smil'd! Oh, how she sigh'd!

She sigh'd - then spent a joyful tear.
Now nuptial Night her curtain drew,
And Cupid's mandate was, "Commence
With ardour, break the virgin fence."
Then to bed sweet Lisette flew,
'Twas heav'n to view her when she lay,
And hear her cry, "Come to me, pray."
Oh, how I feel! Oh, how I pant! Oh, I shall die-
Shall die before the break of day!

Soon Manhood rose with furious gust,
And Mars, when he lewd Venus view'd,
Ne'er felt his pow'r so closely screw'd
Up to the standing post of Lust;
But when the stranger to her sight,
Sweet Lisette saw in rampant plight,
Oh, how she scream'd! Oh, how she scream'd! Oh, how she scream'd!
She scream'd - then grasp'd the dear delight!

Now lustful Nature eager grew,
And longer could not wanton toy;
So rushing up the path of joy,
Quick from the fount Love's liquor flew;
At morn, she cry'd, "Full three times three,
The vivid stream I've felt from thee;
Oh, how I'm eas'd! Oh, how I'm pleas'd! Oh, how I'm charm'd!
I'm charm'd with rapt'rous three times three!"

Lady Pokingham, or They All Do It.[edit]

Giving an Account of her Luxurious Adventures, both before and after her Marriage with Lord Crim-Con



The Earl was as good as his promise. "My Robert," as I called him in our loving intercourse, was so well schooled that he was quite equal to the assertion of all his rights as a husband by the time Lady Cecilia returned home.

After dinner, on the evening of her arrival from the country, he found me sitting alone in the conservatory, and sitting down by my side, whispered in my ear how delighted he was at being able to have a last word of advice with me before retiring to rest with his, no doubt, rather expectant spouse.

"You have so drained me, last night and early this morning, dear Beatrice," he said, putting his arm round my waist, and meeting my ready lips in a long breathless kiss, and then continued, "Nothing but some extraordinary excitement will enable me to do justice to her expectations. I must fuck her at least three or four times after such a long absence; how shall I be equal to the occasion?"

"Have me first," I replied, "whilst she is seeing the children put to bed, there is plenty of time; it will give you zest for the fun to come, the idea of taking the virginity of her maiden bottom-hole will excite you enough, and the more she resists and gets indignant, the more you will enjoy it."

I had been gently stroking his prick outside his trousers; my touch was magical, it stiffened immediately, and when I let the impatient prisoner out of his confinement, I thought I had never before seen his priapus so distended and inflamed with lust as at that moment.

Rising up, I first stooped to give the engine of love a warm kiss, and keeping it in my hand, raised my clothes; and turning my bottom to his belly, spitted myself on the loving object, opening my legs and straddling over his lap, so as to get the very last fraction of its length into my heated cunt. We sat still for a moment or two, enjoying the mutual sensations of repletion and possession so delightful to each of the participators in a loving fuck, before commencing those soul-stirring movements which gradually work our heated desires to that state of frenzied madness which can only be allayed by the divinely beneficent ecstasy of spending, and mingling the very essences of our nature.

The idea that I was robbing his hated wife of her just expectations added such piquancy to our loving conjunction that I literally moaned or whined with delight, as I twisted my head round in the act of emission, so as not to lose the luscious kiss which is such an extra pleasure in those supreme moments of our happiness.

He did not come at the same time, but stopped and rested a moment or two, then rising, and keeping me still impaled on his dear prick, without losing place even for a single second, he laid my body face downwards on a little table which stood handy, and then recommenced his delicious moves, with his hands under me in front, frigging and tickling my cunt, till I almost wrenched myself away from him by the violence of my convulsive contortions. Suddenly drawing quite out, with another plunge he drove the head of his tool into the smaller orifice, which is so delightfully near and convenient when in the position in which he had me.

"Ah! Oh-oh-oh-oh-o-o-o-oe!!" I screamed, swimming in lubricity as I felt him so gorging my bottom, whilst his busy fingers were adding to my erotic madness by the artistic way in which they groped within my spending cunt. "Oh, heavens, Robert, Robert! Do, do Come darling! There, ah-re, I feel it, how deliciously warm!" I murmured excitedly, as his flood of boiling seed inundated the gratified and sensitive sheath which enclosed him so tightly. After recovering from our transports, we conversed about how he should proceed with his wife, his prick all the while as stiff as a policeman's truncheon, till at last fearing Lady Cecilia might surprise us, I went into the drawing-room and played the piano whilst he smoked his cigarette amongst the flowers in the conservatory outside the window.

Her Ladyship pretending fatigue (we knew what she was in a hurry for), the family retired rather earlier than usual to rest, but I took care to be at my peephole before Cecilia and Robert entered their bedroom.

As it was a habit of his to go over the lower part of the house, and see everything safe for himself before going to bed, his lady came first and at once commenced to undress.

She was about the same age as her husband, a vastly fine, fair woman, rather above the medium height, light auburn hair, slightly golden in tint, deep blue eyes, set off by dark eyebrows and long dark lashes, a full mouth, richly pouting cherry lips, and a brilliant set of pearly teeth; then as she gradually unrobed herself, her various and luscious charms quite fired my lascivious blood, as one by one they stood revealed to my earnest gaze. What magnificent swelling breasts still round and firm, and then as she lifted her chemise over her head, and exposed the lovely whiteness of her belly (still without a wrinkle, as she had easy confinements and never suckled her children, for fear of spoiling her figure), set off below by a bushy Mons Veneris, covered with light curly silken red hair, through which I could just perceive the outline of her slit.

Now she stood before a cheval glass, surveying herself at full length, I could see a blush cross her beautiful face, as she seemed almost ashamed to look at her own nakedness. Then a self-satisfied smile parted those cherry lips, and displayed the sparkling pearls of teeth, as she patted the shiny marble skin of her belly and bottom (evidently thinking of the effect of the sight upon Robert when he should enter the room), then she playfully parted the lips of her cunt and examined it closely in the glass. The titillation of her fingers brought another blush, and she seemed as if she could not resist the temptation to frig herself a little, moving a couple of digits in a restless kind of way backwards and forwards between the vermilion lips of love.

My blood was on fire, and much as I hated her, I would have liked to gamahuche her there and then. But suddenly the door opened, and Robert stood transfixed, as he exclaimed in surprise, "Surely, Cecilia, you have lost all modesty; why have you never exposed yourself to me like that before?"

"Oh, Robert dear, how you startle me, you came up so soon and I was only just looking at the love I know you are longing to caress as soon as the light is out."

"I really did not know you were such a charming figure, Cecilia, but now you are naked I will feast on the sight, but we won't put out the lights, my dear. I must now examine in detail every charm. By the way, I may tell you that during your absence I found some bad books of my late brother's and they so fired my imagination by the extraordinary descriptions of various modes of sexual enjoyments that I quite blushed to think of our innocent ignorance, and long to try some of them with you."

He had almost torn his clothes off whilst speaking, and I could see his prick as rampant as possible, in fact I believe it had never lost its stiffness since our excitable bout a short time before.

Throwing himself into her arms, they hugged and kissed, whilst she, taking hold of his pego, slowly backed towards the bed as she tried to bring its head to the mark.

"Not there, Cecilia, love, you have another maidenhead I mean to take to-night; our plain silly way of doing it only leads to getting a lot of children, and surely my quiver is full enough of them. I'll have no more, it's positive ruination, however rich a father may be. No, no, the French style in future, do you understand, I mean to get into your bottom," he said, as seriously as possible, yet with evident excitement.

"What a nasty idea! You shall never do that, Robert, to me!" she exclaimed, crimsoning with shame to the roots of her hair.

"But I must and will, Cecilia. Look at this book, here are all the different ways of 'doing it.' Why they suck each other, fuck - ah - you start at the vulgar word - but it's fuck - fuck - fuck - that's the name for it. They fuck in bottoms, under armpits, between the bubbies - another nasty name for titties - anywhere - everywhere - it's all the same to a man, all what they call C.U.N.T., a word I am sure you have seen somewhere in your lifetime written on shutters, doors, or even on the pavement - a deliciously vulgar word, Cecilia, but the universal toast of men when they meet in company (I could see he was trying to make her look at a little French book, called La Science Pratique, with its forty pretty little plates), how my blood has been fired by fancying all these delightful ideas remained to be enjoyed when you came home."

"Why Robert you are mad, I'll burn that horrible book, I won't learn their filthy ways!" snatching at the book.

"You're my wife, every bit of your body is mine to do as I please with it; don't drive me to extremities, Cecilia, or I may be rough, for I'm determined to put my prick in your arse, now at once!" trying to turn her over.

"Robert, Robert, for shame, Beatrice will hear your disgusting language. You shall never abuse me that way!" hiding her face in her hands and beginning to sob.

"But I will, and you may blubber like a child. Your tears only urge me on, if you resist I'll smack and beat you, till you are obedient!"

She struggled, but a woman's strength is soon exhausted, and at last he got her face down on the bed, with her bottom on the edge and her feet on the floor, then giving her a tremendously painful smack on her bum, he spread her legs wide apart, opened the cheeks of that glorious bottom, anointed the head of his bursting prick with spittle, also the tight-looking brown hole he was about to attack, and then pushed on to the assault of the virgin fortress. I could hear her moan with pain as the head gradually forced its way within the sphincter muscle.

"Ah - it's pricking - oh, oh - you'll rend me, Robert - oh, pray - Ah-r-r-re - Oh! Oh!"

At last he was in, and rested a moment or two, then slowly began his fucking motions.

Presently I could tell by the wriggling of her bottom that she enjoyed it. His hands were busy frigging her cunt in front. How excited they got, each seeming to spend at the same moment, but he kept his place, and the second finish was so excitable that they screamed quite loudly in the frenzy of emission, whilst Cecilia actually fainted away with Robert fallen exhausted on her senseless body.

Presently he recovered sufficiently to be able to apply restoratives to his fainting wife, and as soon as he had brought her round, so that she could understand what he said, proceeded to tell her "that in future they would enjoy all the novel ideas he had found in that nice French book, no more big bellies for you Cecilia, or the anxiety of children for either of us. You must now suck my prick, till it is stiff enough again," he said, presenting it to her mouth.

"No, no, I never can do such a dirty trick, besides, it's doubly disgusting, you have not even washed since you outraged my bottom," she sobbed, as her eyes filled with tears, seeing no signs of compassion in his face.

"What's that to me, you've got to suck it, so go on, my dear, without all those wry faces, which only add to my fun, it's rare sport to make you submit to my fancies. I find I've been a fool ever since I was married, not to have asserted my right to do as I please with every bit of your person, cunt, arse, mouth, or bubbies; they can all afford me intense pleasure, without getting in the family way. Now go on, and I will fuck you with a fine large dildoe. Mind you must swallow every drop of my spendings when it comes."

He forced his prick between her reluctant lips, all slimy and soiled as it was from the previous enculade, then producing an enormous dildoe, nearly twelve inches long, and big in proportion, he put a little cold cream on it, and presented the head to her notch, trying to force it in.

"Ah! No! no! that's so awfully large!" she almost screamed, but the head was partly in, and despite her sobs: and moans of pains, he soon succeeded in passing at least ten inches of it into her distended vagina.

Her cunt was exposed towards me, so that I could see how gorged it was with that big india-rubber tool, and the sight of her slit so stretched to its utmost capacity caused quite a thrill of desire to shoot through my veins; it was almost impossible for me to prevent myself making some kind of demonstration. How I longed to be with them and join in the orgie of lust. Each shove of that tremendous affair now seemed to afford her the most intense delight. She sucked his prick in a kind of delirium, her highly wrought feelings banishing every sense of delicacy, shame, or disgust that might have previously deterred her from doing so. I frigged myself furiously, they screamed and spent, till at last both spectatrix and actors were thoroughly exhausted.

When I awoke next morning, and applied my eye to the peephole, it was just in time to see Her Ladyship awake. First she felt her cunt to see if it was all right, and not ruined by the giant dildoe she had taken in the previous night. Her eyes sparkled with desire, and she repeatedly blushed as I suppose the recollection flashed through her mind. Presently throwing the sheet entirely off her husband's body, she handled his limp affair for a few moments, then putting her face down, took the head of his prick in between her lovely lips, and sucked away with evident relish, till she had him in a glorious state of fitness, and was about to treat herself to a proper St. George, when Robert, who had only been feigning sleep to see what his randy wife would do, suddenly woke up, and insisted upon her applying it to her arse-hole instead of her cunt, wetting it with spittle.

Slowly but surely she achieved its insertion, although to judge by her face it was evidently a painful operation. But when once in how they enjoyed that glorious bottom-fuck. Even after he had spent she rode on till he met her again, and both seemed to come at the same time, kissing each other in a frenzy of erotic madness.

(To be continued.)

The New Patent Fucking Machine.[edit]

Dear Mary, I promised to write directly when to school I returned.
But I think when this letter is finished 'twere better by far it were burned;
For a girl has just now returned to us, and bought while in town she has been
The last improvement in dildoes - the new patent Fucking Machine.

At night when we go to our bedrooms, we go in for a jolly good spree,
And first I perform upon Fanny and then she performs upon me.
It beats the old "flatcocks" a long way, you know the old game that I mean,
Oh! mustn't a man be galoptious if he beats the new Fucking Machine?

It beats fingers by far too - a long way, its shape is just like a tool,
The girl who owns it is good-natured, she has fucked, I believe, the whole school;
She has it herself much too often, and is getting most awfully lean,
And her pussey's quite tender with using the patent new Fucking Machine.

It gives a delightful sensation, your breath comes too quickly to speak,
Whilst Fanny was doing it for me I bit a piece out of her cheek;
And when you feel yourself spending and clasp it your legs in between,
Oh! I should die if it ever got broken, God preserve the new Fucking Machine!

A new girl arrived, dearest Mary, and slept during last night with me;
When I put the machine to her "cunny," she said, "None of that sort for me!"
She turned up her nose at our patent, and said we were "awfully green,"
To injure ourselves with such habits, and not have the real Fucking Machine.

That the men are all dying to have us, if only we'll give them the chance;
She was herself had in the carriage, coming home from the Lord Mayor's dance.
Now directly I get home next Xmas, I'll spoon my young cousin Jack Green,
And I swear he'll be only too ready, to lend me his Fucking Machine.

Anecdote of Kate Santley.[edit]

One night, at the Alhambra, amongst a shower of bouquets from the boxes, a carrot was thrown from the gallery. She coolly gathered an armful of trophies, and after bowing again and again to the boxes, looked up with a smile at the gods, as she said, "Excuse me taking your carrot, now I have the flowers," and tripped off the stage amidst a storm of applause.