The Pearl/Volume 18/Acrostic

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The Pearl
Printed for the Society of Vice
Acrostic (Anonymous)

Come father dear! now lay your body down
Upon your daughter's naked belly white,
Now raptures soon shall our embraces crown;
This is the only road to true delight!

I know the lessons I have learnt from you,
Sweet lessons in the flowerY paths of love!
Sure I'll remember all I ought to do,
When I am under and you are above!
Enter at once, dear father, to my bower,
Each movement of your prick will give me bliss!
'Tis joy to me to know I have the power,
With you to share sweet rapture such as this!
How often you have praised my cunt's tight grip!
Each time you fuck 'tis better than the last!
Now from my cunt your prick will never slip!

Your legs and mine entwined shall keep it fast!
Only a father's love such joy can give,
United thus, forever I could live!
Nor envy those who boast a husband's love.
Give me always this prick, I ne'er will rove,

And never wish for any other man.
No prick with this, I'm certain, can compare!
Does it not take both of my hands to span?

Then what a wealth he has of curly hair!
Each morn upon my cunt his burning kisses fall,
Night after night his tongue enters my quim so small.
Do it again, papa, I can't forbear to call,
Even my mother laughs and says: "My husband dear,
Ram in your prick at once, and end this wild career."