The Pearl/Volume 4/SONG.

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The Pearl
Printed for the Society of Vice

How lovely did Venus at first seem to be,
When her birth she received from the spring of the sea;
As red as a rose looked her cunt's lovely rim,
And the foam slowly dripped from the hairs of her quim!

Her belly was whiter than marble, I ween,
And above it her bubbies like snow balls were seen;
But Venus was still discontented, alas,
She wanted a prick and two balls at her arse!

Her thighs were so pure, so graceful and round,
None fairer and lovelier e'er could be found;
But her cunt, I dare say, great pleasure it sips,
With a stiff-standing penis to part its red lips!

Oh, poking is a pleasure, we all must enjoy.
Tho' I had it for ever, it never would cloy;
To any young man on the grass I would fall.
And if cunt would allow it, take bollox and all!