The Pickering Manuscript/The Crystal Cabinet

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The Crystal Cabinet

The Maiden caught me in the Wild,
Where I was dancing merrily;
She put me into her Cabinet,
And Lockd me up with a golden key.

This cabinet is formd of gold
And pearl & crystal shining bright
And within it opens into a world
And a little lovely moony night.

Another England there I saw,
Another London with its Tower,
Another Thames & other Hills,
And another pleasant Surrey Bower.

Another Maiden like herself
Translucent lovely shining clear
Threefold each in the other closd;
O what a pleasant trembling fear!

O what a smile, a threefold smile
Filld me that like a flame I burnd;
I bent to Kiss the lovely Maid,
And found a Threefold Kiss returnd.

I strove to seize the inmost Form
With ardor fierce & hands of flame
But burst the Crystal Cabinet
And like a weeping Babe became;

A weeping Babe upon the wild
And Weeping Woman pale reclind
And in the outward air again
I filld with woes the passing wind.