The Pioneers

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For works with similar titles, see The Pioneers (Curtiss).
The Pioneers Title Page

The Pioneers
The Sources of the Susquehanna
A Descriptive Tale
the author of "Precaution"

Extremes of habits, manners, time and space,
Brought close together, here stood face to face,
And gave at once a contrast to the view,
That other lands and ages never knew. — Paulding

In Two Volumes
Published by Charles Wiley.
J. Seymour, Printer



The length of our friendship would be a sufficient reason for prefixing your name to these pages; but your residence so near the scene of the tale, and your familiarity with much of the character and kind of life that I have attempted to describe, render it more peculiarly proper. You, at least, dear Sutherland, will not receive this dedication as a cold compliment, but as an evidence of the feeling that makes me,

Warmly and truly,
      Your friend,
            —— ——

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