The Practical Designer for Women's and Misses' Underwear/The Study of the Stout Form

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Lesson No. 425

In order to clothe the stout form properly we find many changes in formality. The changes are shown in many respects as there are regular stouts, short stouts and extra stouts. Note illustration and table of proportions.

The regular stout form is built in regular natural waist length. The width of back is proportionately built to its size. The bust measurement is increased according to its proportions. The all-around waist is increased or over-built, according to size, which makes this form a stout.

The short stout form is greatly changed in natural waist length, being a great deal shorter on account of the height. The bust measurement is somewhat full and shows a great deal larger on account of the short height. The waist is particularly over-built, similar to the natural proportions of a stout. The sleeve is a great deal shorter than for the regular stout or the proportionately built person. As the armhole of every stout is to occupy large deepness, the under-arm for this short stout is particularly very short.

The extra stout form is greatly changed on account of its height. The back depth and natural waist length is long. The sleeve length is full length, similar to the regular proportionate large size, which may be for the extra stout form from 19 to 20 inches.

In order to make the foundation pattern, make the foundation outlines for drafting according to the table of proportions given on the opposite page for any branch of stouts desired. By all means follow the rules and regulations as for the regular proportions, with the exception of using the measurements for stouts. The model size for short stouts is size 41 and the model size for regular stouts is size 45.