The Prelude (Wordsworth)/Notes

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Note 1, page 11.

Dominique de Gourgues, a French gentleman who went in 1568 to Florida to avenge the massacre of the French by the Spaniards there.

Note 2, page 19 to page 22, line 8.

These lines have already been published in the Author's Poetical Works, vol. i. p. 172, ed. 1849—p. 62 of the Edition in One Volume.

Note 3, page 47.

The late Rev. John Fleming, of Rayrigg, Windermere.

Note 4, page 86.


Note 5, page 122.

See the Author's Poetical Works, ii. 93—p. 141 of the Edition in One Volume.

Note 6, page 166.

See Poetical Works, ii. 99—p. 143 of the Edition in One Volume.

Note 7, page 171.

The City of Goslar, in Lower Saxony.

Note 8, page 173.

See p. 148.

Note 9, page 209.

These lines are from a descriptive Poem—"Malvern Hills"—by one of Mr. Wordsworth's oldest friends, Mr. Joseph Cottle.

Note 10, page 226.

See Poetical Works, i. 1.

Note 11, page 234.

From Milton, Par. Lost, xi. 204.

Note 12, page 261.

See "Vaudracour and Julia," Poetical Works, i. 244—p. 88 of the Edition in One Volume.

Note 13, page 299.

See Poetical Works, ii. 155—p. 161 of the Edition in One Volume.

Note 14, page 313.

Theocrit. Idyll. vii. 78.

Page 246. Eight lines from the bottom, for Gorcas read Gorsas.