The Reminiscences of Carl Schurz/Volume Three/List of Illustrations

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Carl Schurz in 1871 Frontispiece
St. Joseph's at Emmitsburg, Maryland 4   
The Town of Gettysburg 8
General George G. Meade 20
General Winfield S. Hancock 20
Captain Fritz Tiedemann 30
General Schimmelfennig 34
The Battlefield at Gettysburg 38
Major-General Carl Schurz 50
Colonel Friedrich Hecker 64
General U. S. Grant 76
General William Tecumseh Sherman 128
Jefferson Davis 140
General Otho C. Ord 144
Jacob Thompson 148
Clement C. Clay 148
President Johnson 158
Major-General O. O. Howard 178
Senator William Lewis Sharkey 188
Major-General E. R. S. Canby 188
Major-General H. W. Slocum 200
Thaddeus Stevens 214
Senator John Sherman 220
Senator William Pitt Fessenden 220
Senator Lyman Trumbull 224
Wendell Phillips 228
Senator John Potter Stockton 232
Senator Preston King 238
Senator Zachariah Chandler 244
Dr. Emil Preetorius 256
Prince Otto von Bismarck 264
Kaiser Wilhelm I 270
Emperor Napoleon III 276
Schuyler Colfax 284
Francis Preston Blair 284
Senator John B. Henderson 292
Senator Charles D. Drake 296
Alexander T. Stewart 304
President Grant 308
General Meade's Headquarters at Gettysburg
General Grant at Missionary Ridge
Major-General Joseph Hooker
Major-General H. W. Slocum
General William Tecumseh Sherman
Charleston After the War
A Photograph of General Howard, taken at Governor's Island in 1893
Senator James Lane
The Chancellor's Palace on the Wilhelmstrasse
Count Hellmuth von Moltke
President Andrew Johnson
Horatio Seymour