The Rig Veda/Mandala 1/Hymn 39

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1. WHEN thus, like flame, from far away, Maruts, ye cast your measure forth,
     To whom go Ye, to whom, O shakers of the earth, moved by whose wisdom, whose design?
2. Strong let your weapons be to drive away your foes, firm for resistance let them be.
     Yea, passing glorious must be your warrior might, not as a guileful mortal's strength.
3. When what is strong ye overthrow, and whirl about each ponderous thing,
     Heroes, your course is through the forest trees of earth, and through the fissures of the rocks.
4. Consumers of your foes, no enemy of yours is found in heaven or on the earth:
     Ye Rudras, may the strength, held in this bond, be yours, to bid defiance even now.
5. They make the mountains rock and reel, they rend the forest-kings apart.
     Onward, ye Maruts, drive, like creatures drunk with wine, ye, Gods with all your company.
6. Ye to your chariot have yoked the spotted deer: a red deer, as a leader, draws.
     Even the Earth herself listened as ye came near, and men were sorely terrified.
7. O Rudras, quickly we desire your succour for this work of ours.
     Come to us with your aid as in the days of old, so now for frightened Kanva's sake.
8. Should any monstrous foe, O Maruts, sent by you or sent by mortals threaten us,
     Tear ye him from us with your power and with your might, and with the succours that are yours.
9. For ye, the worshipful and wise, have guarded Kanva perfectly.
     O Maruts, come to us with full protecting help, as lightning flashes seek the rain.
10. Whole strength have ye, O Bounteous Ones; perfect, earth-shakers, is your might.
     Maruts, against the poet's wrathful enemy send ye an enemy like a dart.