The Rig Veda/Mandala 10/Hymn 109

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1. THESE first, the boundless Sea, and Matarisvan, fierce-glowing Fire, the Strong, the Bliss-bestower.
     And heavenly Floods, first-born by holy Order, exclaimed against the outrage on a Brahman.
2. King Soma first of all, without reluctance, made restitution of the Brahman's consort.
     Mitra and Varuna were the inviters: Agni as Hota; took her hand and led her.
3. The man, her pledge, must by her hand be taken when they have cried, She is a Brahman's consort.
     She stayed not for a herald to conduct her: thus is the kingdom of a ruler guarded.
4. Thus spake of her those Gods of old, Seven Rsis who sate them down to their austere devotion:
     Dire is a Brahman's wife led home by others: in the supremest heaven she plants confusion.
5. The Brahmacari goes engaged in duty: he is a member of the Gods' own body.
     Through him Brhaspati obtained his consort, as the Gods gained the ladle brought by Soma.
6. So then the Gods restored her, so men gave the woman back again.
     The Kings who kept their promises restored the Brahman's wedded wife,
7. Having restored the Brahman's wife, and freed them, with Gods' aid, from sin,
     They shared the fulness of the earth, and won themselves extended sway.