The Rig Veda/Mandala 10/Hymn 118

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1. AGNI, refulgent among men thou slayest the devouring fiend,
     Bright Ruler in thine own abode.
2. Thou springest up when worshipped well the drops of butter are thy joy
     When ladies are brought near to thee.
3. Honoured with gifts he shines afar, Agni adorable with song:
     The dripping ladle balms his face.
4. Agni with honey in his mouth, honoured with gifts, is balmed with oil,
     Refulgent in his wealth of light.
5. Praised by our hymns thou kindlest thee, Oblation-bearer, for the Gods
     As such do mortals call on thee.
6. To that Immortal Agni pay worship with oil, ye mortal men,-
     Lord of the house, whom none deceives.
7. O Agni, burn the Raksasas with thine unconquerable flame
     Shine guardian of Eternal Law.
8. So, Agni, with thy glowing face burn fierce against the female fiends,
     Shining among Uruksayas.
9. Uruksayas have kindled thee, Oblation-bearer, thee, with hymns.
     Best Worshipper among mankind.