The Rig Veda/Mandala 3/Hymn 48

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1. SOON as the young Bull sprang into existence he longed to taste the pressed-out Soma's liquor.
     Drink thou thy fill, according to thy longing, first, of the goodly mixture blent with Soma.
2. That day when thou wast born thou, fain to taste it, drankest the plant's milk which the mountains nourish.
     That milk thy Mother first, the Dame who bare thee, poured for thee in thy mighty Father's dwelling.
3. Desiring food he came unto his Mother, and on her breast beheld the pungent Soma.
     Wise, he moved on, keeping aloof the others, and wrought great exploits in his varied aspects.
4. Fierce, quickly conquering, of surpassing vigour, he framed his body even as he listed.
     E'en from his birth-time Indra conquered Tvastar, bore off the Soma and in beakers drank it.
5. Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
     The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vrtras, wins and gathers riches.