The Rig Veda/Mandala 4/Hymn 56

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Translated by Ralph T.H. Griffith

1. MAY mighty Heaven and Earth, most meet for honour, be present here with light and gleaming splendours;
     When, fixing them apart, vast, most extensive, the Steer roars loudly in far-reaching courses.
2. The Goddesses with Gods, holy with holy, the Two stand pouring out their rain, exhaustless:
     Faithful and guileless, having Gods for children, leaders of sacrifice with shining splendours.
3. Sure in the worlds he was a skillful Craftsman, he who produced these Twain the Earth and Heaven.
     Wise, with his power he brought both realms, together spacious and deep, wellfashioned, unsupported.
4. O Heaven and Earth, with one accord promoting, with high protection as of Queens, our welfare,
     Far-reaching, universal, holy, guard us. May we, car-borne, through song be victors ever.
5. To both of you, O Heaven and Earth, we bring our lofty song of praise,
     Pure Ones! to glorify you both.
6. Ye sanctify each other's form, by your own proper might ye rule,
     And from of old observe the Law.
7. Furthering and fulfilling, ye, O Mighty, perfect Mitra's Law.
     Ye sit around our sacrifice.