The Rig Veda/Mandala 9/Hymn 65

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1. THE, glittering maids send Sura forth, the glorious sisters, close-allied,
     Send Indu forth, their mighty Lord.
2. Pervade, O Pavamana, all our treasures with repeated light,
     God, coming hither from the Gods.
3. Pour on us, Pavamana, rain, as service and rain praise for Gods:
     Pour all to be our nourishment.
4. Thou art a Steer by lustre: we, O Pavamana, faithfully
     Call upon thee the Splendid One.
5. Do thou, rejoicing, nobly-armed! pour upon us heroic strength:
     O Indu, come thou bitherward.
6. When thou art cleansed with both the hands and dipped in waters, with the wood.
     Thou comest to the gathering-place.
7. Sing forth your songs, as Vyasva sang, to Soma Pavamana, to,
     The Mighty One with thousand eyes;
8. Whose coloured sap they drive with stones, the yellow meath-distilling juice,
     Indu for Indra, for his drink.
9. We seek to gain the friendly love of thee that Strong and Mighty One,
     Of thee the winner of all wealth.
10. Flow onward with thy stream, a Steer, inspiriting the Maruts' Lord,
     Winning all riches by thy might.
11. I send thee forth to battle from the press, O Pavamana, Strong,
     Sustainer, looker on the light.
12. Acknowledged by this song of mine, flow, tawny-coloured, with thy stream
     Incite to battle thine ally.
13. O Indu, visible to all pour out for us abundant food:
     Soma, be thou our prosperer.
14. The pitchers, Indu, with thy streams have sung aloud in vigorous might
     Enter them, and let Indra drink.
15. O thou whose potent gladdening juice they milk out with the stones, flow on,
     Destroyer of our enemies.
16. King Pavamana is implored with holy songs, on man's behalf,
     To travel through the firmament.
17. Bring us, O Indu, hundredfold increase of kine, and noble steeds,
     The gift of fortune for our help.
18. Pressed for the banquet of the Gods, O Soma, bring us might, and speed,
     Like beauty for a brilliant show.
19. Soma, flow on exceeding bright with loud roar to the wooden vats,
     Falcon-like resting in thine home.
20. Soma, the Water-winner flows to Indra, Vayu, Varuna,
     To Visnu and the Marut host.
21. Soma , bestowing food upon our progeny, from every sides,
     Pour on us riches thousandfold
22. The Soma juices which have been expressed afar or near at hand,
     Or there on Saryanavan's bank,
23. Those pressed among Arjikas, pressed among the active, in men's homes,
     Or pressed among the Races Five-
24. May these celestial drops, expressed, pour forth upon us, as they flow,
     Rain from the heavens apd hero strength.
25. Urged forward o'er the ox-hide flows the Lovely One of tawny hue,
     Lauded by Jamadagni's song.
26. Like horses urged to speed, the drops, bright, stirring vital power, when blent
     With milk, are beautified in streams.
27. So they who toil with juices send thee forward for the Gods' repast:
     So with this splendour flow thou on.
28. We choose to-day that chariot-steed of thine, the Strong, that brings us bliss,
     The Guardian, the desire of all,
29. The Excellent, the Gladdener, the Sage with heart that understands,
     The Guardian, the desire of all;
30. Who for ourselves, O thou Most Wise, is wealth and fair intelligence,
     The Guardian, the desire of all.