The Riverside song book/The Poor Voter on Election Day

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John Greenleaf Whittier. German Air.


1. The proud-est now is but my peer. The high - est not more

2. Who serves to - day up - on the list Be - side the served shall

3. To - day let pomp and vain pre - tense My stub - born right a -

4. While there's a grief to seek re - dress. Or bal - ance to ad

high; . . . . . The high - est not more high; To -

stand; . . . . Be - side the served shall stand; A -

bide; . . . . . My stub - born right a - bide; I

just, . . . . . Or bal - ance to ad - just, Where

day of all the wea-ry year, A king of men am I.

like the brown and wrinkled fist, The gloved and dain - ty hand!

set a plain man's common sense A - gainst the ped - ant's pride.

weighs our liv - ing manhood less Than Mammon's vil - est dust,—

To - day, a - like are great and small, The name-less and the known; My

The rich is lev - el with the poor. The weak is strong to-day; The

To - day shall simple man-hood try The strength of gold and land; The

While there's a right to need my vote, A wrong to sweep a - way, Up!

pal - ace is the peo - ple's hall, The bal - lot - box my throne!

sleek-est broadcloth counts no more Than home - spun frock of gray.

wide world has not wealth to buy The power in my right hand!

clout-ed knee and rag - ged coat! A man's a man to - day!

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.