The Riverside song book/Where the Eagle is King

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Thomas Buchanan Read. William F. Hartley.

Martial style.

1. Where sweeps round the moun - tains the cloud on the

2. I mount the wild horse with no sad - dle or

3. When A - pril is sound - ing his horn o'er the

gale, And streams from their foun - tains leap in - to the

rein, And guide his swift course with a grasp on

hills, And brook - lets are bound- ing in joy to the

vale,— As fright - ened deer leap when the storm with his

mane; Thro' paths steep and nar - row, and scorn - ing the

mills,— When warm Au - gust slum - bers a - mong her green

pack Rides o - ver the steep in the wild tor - rent's

crag, I chase with my ar - row the flight of the

leaves, And Har - vest en - cum - bers her gar - ners with

track,— Ev'n there my free home is; there watch I the

stag; Through snow - drifts en - gulf - ing, I fol - low the

sheaves, When the flail of No - vem - ber is swing-insg with

flocks Wan - der white as the foam is on

bear. And face the gaunt wolf when he

might. And the mil - ler De - cem - ber is

stair - ways of rocks; Se - cure in the

snarls in his lair, And watch through the

man - tled with white,— In field and in

gorge there in free - dom we sing, And

gorge there the red pan - ther spring, And

forge there the free - heart - ed sing, And

laugh at King George, where the Ea - gle is king.

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.