The Russian Review/Volume 1/June 1916/To the Women of Russia

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To the Women of Russia.

By F. Filimonov.

Translated by P. Leonov

Like a surging billow, time was rolling, rolling,
Into grim eternal, whence there's no return.
And in lofty bowers ever were you pining,
While your heart with strivings never ceased to burn.

Yet when we did suffer, souls within us wearied,
Cursing darkness dreary, and in spirit lame,
Like a friend still loyal, like a loving sister,
God's own gentle angel, to our, cells you came.

And when peaceful lived we, and when war's grim horrors
Spilled the blood around us, blood that bathed our swords,
On the field of battle, midst its deaf'ning thunder,
Ever did you whisper love's consoling words.

From the darkness ever to the light outreaching,
Truth and goodness served you in life's endless strife.
Now the time has ripened—make way for the woman,
Meet her with full honors at the feast of life!