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The Publications of the Orient Press.

The Wisdom of the East Series.

In Pott 16mo, price ONE SHILLING each net, in Cloth limp.

The Duties of the Heart.

By Rabbi Bachye. Translated from the Hebrew with Introduction by Edwin Collins, Hollier Hebrew Scholar, U.C.L.Ready.

The Odes of Confucius.

From the Chinese, Rendered with Introduction by L. Cranmer-Byng.Ready.

The Sayings of Confucius.

Edited with Introduction by Allen Upward.Ready.

The Awakening of the Soul.

From the Arabic of Ibn Tufail. Translated with Introduction by Paul Bronnle, Ph. D. Double volume, 1/6, net.Ready.

The Teachings of Zoroaster.

Translated from the Zend by Dr S. A. Kapadia, Lecturer in Gujerati to University College, London.Shortly.

The Sayings of Lao Tzŭ.

From the Chinese. Translated with Introduction by Lionel Giles, M.A (Oxon.), of the British Museum.Ready.

The Parables of Babylon.

From the Aramaic. Translated with Introduction by Edwin Collins.Shortly.

The Instructions of Ptah-Hotep.

From the Egyptian. Translated with Introduction by Battiscombe G. Gunn.Shortly.

The Religion of the Koran.

With Introduction by Arthur N. Wollaston, CLE.

Idylls From the Bible.

With Introduction by Sir George Birdwood, M.D., K.C.LE., LL.D.

Others in preparation and will be duly announced.