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THE NAUTILUS is published monthly for the express purpose of making Men and Women Who Can Do What They Will To Do. It abounds in practical ideas and in the bright inspiration that impels you to USE the ideas. Use it as first aid!

Wallace D. Wattles, who wrote this book, teaches “Constructive Science” in every number of the magazine. How to think so as to PROMOTE YOURSELF is what you want to know. He teaches it!

Elizabeth and William E. Towne teach it, too. They are the editors and owners of THE NAUTILUS, and their success is worth knowing about and learning from.

And Thomas Dreier, of the Sheldon School of Salesmanship, writes for NAUTILUS on business growing. So does Frank Andrews Fall, of the University of New York. And several others. These folks know how. GET IN TOUCH with success and successful people through NAUTILUS.

Then there is our Success Department, where everybody is invited to say his say, and prizes are given for best letters.

THE NAUTILUS teaches and inspires health, wealth, and happiness in ALL departments of life.

Don’t miss Wallace D. Wattles’ great new serial story, “As a Grain of Mustard Seed,” which will begin in an early number of the magazine.

Send $1.00 for a year’s subscription to THE NAUTILUS, with a copy of “Making The Man Who Can,” and “Marital Unrest: a New Remedy,” both by Wallace D. Wattles. Or, send 10 cents for a three months’ trial and a copy of “Marital Unrest.”

Do you want more books on how to succeed? Read Bruce McClelland’s “Prosperity Through Thought Force,” price, $1.00, to which Ella Wheeler Wilcox gave nearly a page of space in the New York Journal; and read “How to Grow Success,” by Elizabeth Towne, 50c. And don’t you want to read Wallace D. Wattles’ “New Science of Living and Healing,” price, 50c.? Address