The Seasons (Thomson)/Dedication

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The Seasons
James Thomson
To Christian Daniel Ebeling
3344887The Seasons — To Christian Daniel EbelingJames Thomson



Professor of History and of the greek

language at the Gymnasium

in Hamburg.


Your known goodness gives my presumption the hopes of a pardon, for prefixing to this new edition of the immortal work of an author, whose beauties you can, so exquisitely relish in the original, the Name of a Man, whose character and great universal learning deservedly are the pride of my countrymen, and the boast of all that have the honour of your acquaintance.

I could not deny myself the satisfaction of laying hold on this first opportunity of alluring you of my sincerest esteem, and declaring at the same time to the world, the infinite obligations I have to you.

To know you, and not love your goodness would betray a total want of feeling and humanity in any one. In me it would amount to the highest ingratitude if I could ever be insensible or unmindful of that great degree of kindness and friendship, you have been pleased to show me, ever since I have been a nearer witness and ardent admirer of your worth. But my pen cannot accompany my heart when I speak, and whilst I am pleasing myself I fear to offend you. Be pleased therefore to accept of these few lines as an acknowledgment of the favour you have shown me, and a pledge of the sincere gratitude and perfect regard of


Your most obliged

humble servant

John Timaeus.