The Second Jungle Book

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The Second Jungle Book (1895)
by Rudyard Kipling
221262The Second Jungle Book1895Rudyard Kipling
Embossed cover from the original MacMillan edition of The Second Jungle Book, 1895, based on art by John Lockwood Kipling (Rudyard's father).

Table of contents[edit]

Each even-numbered item is a poem related to the preceding story.

  1. How Fear Came
  2. The Law of the Jungle
  3. The Miracle of Purun Bhagat
  4. A Song of Kabir
  5. Letting In the Jungle
  6. Mowgli's Song Against People
  7. The Undertakers
  8. A Ripple Song
  9. The King's Ankus
  10. The Song of the Little Hunter
  11. Quiquern
  12. "Angutivaun Taina"
  13. Red Dog
  14. Chil's Song
  15. The Spring Running
  16. The Outsong

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