The Shaman

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(Cover page of The Popular Magazine issue containing the story)

The Shaman

By Roy Norton

Author of “The Shark and the Sentimentalist,” “David and Goliath,” Etc.


It was in the days when Alaska’s silent solitudes were unknown and unsought by this white race of ours—before the cry of “Gold!” rang round the world. Yet into those frozen silences on a strange mission of their own had pierced Hathaway and Braith. And there their bones would have whitened had it not been for the mysterious “Lady Malitka”—and Peluk, the shaman. Shaman? Cæsar was a shaman—so was Washington—so was Mohammed; and obscure though he was Peluk was brother to these. Whether he was also an unmitigated villain or a greatly benevolent man is for you who read this fine tale to judge.


(A Complete Novel)

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