The Ship of Shadows

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The Ship of Shadows  (1920) 
by H. Bedford-Jones
Color illustration by J. Allen St. John. Extracted from the Blue Book magazine, Feb 1920, pp. 142-192. Title illustration may be added later.

Were this to be the tale, simply, of how Eric Venable fell and rose again from the depths, much might be said of his voyage to Tientsin River. It would bear much dwelling upon; it would in itself make, from the Horatio-Algerian view point, an excellent moral tale. But it would delete all about Shinski and Marie, and the Shirvan diamond, and the burlap-wrapped parcel; it would have to touch upon Mrs. Ivanoff’s pistol with discretion; and of course it could say little about the poet Gerin’s company of shadows, or the devil Boris Kryalpin, or the ending of the Kum Chao. …

[Extract of cover page illustration of The Blue Book magazine, Feb. 1920]

The Ship of Shadows

by H. Bedford-Jones

A story of international intrigue and high adventure, by the author
of “After the Manner of Asia.”

THIS COMPLETE NOVELETTE is one of the most fascinating stories the gifted author of “The Junk of Laughing Girls” and “After the Manner of Asia” has ever written—a story you will read and remember with keen enjoyment.

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