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For works with similar titles, see The Sky Pilot.
The Sky Pilot  (1921) 
by King Vidor

The Sky Pilot is a 1921 American silent drama film based on the novel of the same name by Ralph Connor. It is directed by King Vidor and features Colleen Moore.

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Canada! A land where Nature must glory in her handiwork.

Far to the North and West——half hidden among hills that sleep in the shadow of silent eternal peaks——lies the tiny settlement of Swan Creek.

The social center of Swan Creek——well named "The Stopping Place." Here gathered those who rode the wild trail to the cut-bank of destruction.

Into this little frontier settlement, primitive, godless——came a stranger——from beyond the waving skyline of the foothills.

The end of the trail.

Arthur Wellington Moore, of Montreal, had set forth with high ideals, a college degree and a firm determination to carry the Word of God to men in the far places.

——John Bowers.

" Pardon me, gentlemen, could a thirsty man get a drink here?"

" Nobody ever passed through Swan Creek with a coat of dust on his tonsils."

" I'd much prefer water——if you don't mind."

Bill Hendricks——foreman of the Ashley Ranch.

——David Butler.

" No use tailin' in with a bunch of mavericks, pardner. Come on over an' meet some real white men."

" Stranger, my name's Bill Hendricks. An' these is some of Swan Creek's choicest blossoms——they ride herd for Colonel Ashley."

careful consideration Mr. Moore has been assigned by our church to your community


Richard Jardon, D. D.

" Sufferin' centipedes! A Sky Pilot!"

" I wonder if you could arrange for me to hold services here tomorrow?"

" Church!! We ain't runnin' no church—— this is a saloon!"

Sunday morning found "The Stopping Place" filled with a curious——and expectant——congregation.

" Now, you poor, ignorant heathens, don't forget to remember that this here saloon is a church——an' get a pious look on you!"

" We will sing Hymn 262."

" Get into the game——here's your deck!"

" Our lesson for today is the parable of the loaves and fishes——the story of how our Savior blessed and fed a multitude."

" I expect——accordin' to you——that Gentleman could get everybody here lit up on a pint of soothin' syrup."

" Yes. He once transformed great jars of water into wine for a wedding feast."

" Will you please sit down so we may resume our services?"

" Would one of you gentlemen be kind enough to put this man out?"

" Let's run the meddler out of town, boys!"


" Hard ridin' an' soft religion don't mix, Mr. Parson. Here's where you start walkin' an' keep——right——on——goin'!"

Alone, crushed, defeated--his hopes and dreams had ended in one short, crowded hour.

" Say, Parson, I'd be mighty proud if you'd just forget about that foolishness of mine an' shake hands."

" You sure got a tough job, pardner, tryin' to inject religion into the hides of that gang——without a forty-five!"

" There must be some way to help them, Bill."

" They won't listen to no preacher! You got to show 'em you're a man an' then make 'em listen to you!"

" I'll show you a way——if you'll come with me!"

Colonel Fred Ashley; its proud owner——and his wife, Lady Charlotte.

James Corrigan
Kathleen Kirkham

" You said we'd be needin' a first-class cowhand——this is him, Boss!"

" Can you ride?"

" Why, Boss, this bird cut his eye-teeth on a horseshoe!"

" Glad to hear it! Come on over to the corral."

" Does he get the job, Boss?"

" Did I get the——the position?"

" You sure did! Your ridin' showed great——while it lasted."

Bitterly resentful, cursing the God who had taken his wife years ago, the "Old Timer" lived apart.

——Harry Todd.

His daughter, Gwen——the one thing he loved.

Colleen Moore.

Playing the game both ways from the middle——a self-styled "English gentleman" known as "The Duke."

——Donald Macdonald.

-Ashley Ranch-








Hours spent together strengthen a growing friendship.

The aftermath of a wild night at the Stopping Place.

" Keep away! It's full of devils——millions of 'em!"

" Be quiet——I'm going to smoke them out."

A fence-fixing expedition initiates the "Pilot" into the details of his new profession.

" There's somethin' queer about this, Pilot. Ride up the canyon an' take a look."

A natural passage, through which the Duke plans to drive the Ashley cattle to his own ranch.

" That young Tenderfoot's getting pretty warm——better throw a little scare into him."

" So this is the girl I've been hearing about so much?"

" What's the Sky Pilot doing——here?"

" Wait a minute, "Old Timer." Just 'cause he's got religion——that ain't no crime."

" If you're going to side in with that Sky Pilot——you can go too. I never want to see you again——never!"

The annual Fall Round-up at the Ashley Ranch.

" I've spotted a bunch of Ashley's cattle near the mouth of the canyon. I figure we'd better pull it off right away."

" Duke gang make big talk in there——dam'!"

" We'll tear down a strip of fence and shoot 'em through the tunnel while they're thinking about it."

" Pray for her, my boy, pray for her!"

In this hour of need.

" Oh God——I've forgotten how to pray. But please, God, don't let her die——this way. She's all I've got . . ."

" When a man's religion will let him do what you've done——an' live——there must be somethin' to it, that's all."

The examination over.

" Don't worry, Gwen——everything will come out all right."

" Old Timer, I hate to say it, but——I don't believe Gwen will ever walk again."

" Never walk again——my baby! It's a lie, I tell you——a lie!"

" Just a thing——lying here with its body dead——waiting to die!"

" There must be some way to make this easier for her."

" You hate God because you think He is making you suffer——is that it?"

" The Doctor hurts you terribly, yet your father, who loves you, allows him to do it."

" My father let him hurt me because he thought it would make me well."

" Don't you see that God might love you dearly and still you might fall? It may have been a means of bringing you back to Him."

Hours of patient effort bring their reward——healing and comfort to the heart of the suffering girl.

" Tell me more——it's all so beautiful. If my heart could just understand!"

Christmas Morn!

" I promised Gwen we'd run up early to see what Santa Claus brought."



" Your dad's goin' down to take a look at that new Gospel plant. Goodbye."

On the way to share the good news with Gwen.

" The Duke's gang is aimin' to start trouble around the church."

The hour of services——and no word from the "Pilot."


" We'll start this meetin' by singin' Hymn 262."

" Bill says to go an' look for th' Pilot."

" God Almighty——I ain't much good at this here prayin' stuff——but if it ain't too late to help the Pilot we sure would appreciate it."

" It may be best for him to go, but it will sure be hard on the rest of us that's left behind."

" Our lesson will be about the bread and the fishes."

" Aw, get out! Whadda you know about bread an' fishes?"

" I'm goin' to preach this here sermon, if it's the last thing I ever do!"

An opportunity to get even.

" Don't——don't! Leave me be——I'll tell! It was the Duke and his gang——they made me do it!"

Suddenly realizing he was about to lose the cowboys' gift——his treasured Bible.

" Why baby——my baby! You're WALKING! At last my prayers have been answered!"

The days that followed lengthened into weeks——and months. Happier days for the Pilot, filled with a cheerful effort that brought understanding.....and a love that marked the last milestone of his journey.


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