The Sleeper Awakes

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Mr WELLS has also written the following novels:

Love and Mr Lewisham.

Mr Polly.
The Wheels of Chance.
The New Machiavelli.
Ann Veronica.

The Research Magnificent.
The Secret Places of the Heart.

The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman.
Mr Britling Sees It Through.
The Soul of a Bishop.
John and Peter.

The Undying Fire.

The following fantastic and imaginative romances:

The War of the Worlds.

The Time Machine.
The Wonderful Visit.
The Island of Dr Moreau.

The Sea Lady.
When the Sleeper Wakes.

The Food of the Gods.
The War in the Air.
In the Days of the Comet.

The World Set Free.

The Invisible Man.

Numerous short stories collected under the following titles:

The Country of the Blind.

Tales of Space and Time.

Tales of Life and Adventure.
The Stolen Bacillus.

The Plattner Story.

Tales of the Unexpected.

Twelve Stories and a dream.

A series of books on social, religious, and political questions:

Anticipations (1900).

Mankind in the Making.
First and Last Things.
New Worlds for Old.

A Modern Utopia.
The Future in America.

God the Invisible King.
The Outline of History.
Washington and the Hope of


The Salvaging of Civilisation.

And two little books about children's play, called:
Floor Games and Little Wars.

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Printed in Great Britain.