The Sorcerer/Aline's ballad

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Have faith in me - thou art my day -
  I turn to thee for love and light -
Take that life-giving love away
  And leave me in eternal night!
Thou art the hill - and I the dale -
  Thou art the sea and I the shell -
Thou art the wind and I the sail -
  Thou art the spring and I the well!
Without that spring no well would be,
  Have faith in me - have faith in me!
Have faith in me - the ripening corn
  Is faithful to the autumn sun!
Thou art the god of my young morn,
  My harvest god - oh doubting one!
Thou art the day and I the hour -
  Thou art the idol - I the throng -
Thou art the tree and I the flower -
  Thou art the singer - I the song.
Oh let the song be sung by thee -
  Have faith in me - have faith in me!