The Sorcerer/Second incantation scene

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Mr. Wells

Oh hideous doom - to scatter desolation,
And cause unhappiness on every hand!
To foster misalliance through the nation
And breed unequal matches in the land!
By nature I am mild, humane and tender,
It racks my soul such fearful sights to see!
I can no longer bear it! I will render
My fearful gift to him who gave it me!


Spirits short and spirits long —
Spirits weak and spirits strong —
Spirits slow and spirits fleet —
Spirits mixed and spirits neat —
Spirits dark and spirits fair —
Listen to my heart-felt prayer.

The stage has grown dark - a gauze descends - imps appear.
Chorus of Spirits

We hear the spells
  J. W. Wells!
What terrors trouble you,
  J. W. W.?
Ha! ha! Ha! ha!
Some terrors trouble him
  J. W. Double him!
Ha! ha! Ha! ha!

The market cross opens and Ahrimanes is seen through transparency.

Presumptuous wretch — what favours do you seek?
You called me — I am here! What would you? Speak!

Mr. Wells

Ahrimanes — mighty master —
Hear me — hear me now!

Chorus Hear him — hear him now!
Mr. Wells

Avert this terrible disaster —
Free me from my vow!


Free him from his vow!
Hear him, hear him now!
Ha! ha! Ha! ha! Ha! ha! Ha! ha!

SOLO — Ahrimanes

If thou, audacious elf, will yield
Alexis to my grasp
And let his doom be signed and sealed
In Death's unpleasant clasp —
Or if thou wilt consent, thyself,
To come below with me,
Til grant thy wish, presumptuous elf!
I want, or him, or thee!


Be dutiful, and obey
Give us — give us our prey!


Or thou — or he
Which shall it be?


Or thou — or he
Which shall it be?

Mr. Wells

Or I — or he—
Which shall it be?

Chorus Ha! ha! Ha! ha! Ha! ha! Ha! ha!
Mr. Wells Oh master, pity show!
Chorus No! No!
Mr. Wells

To meet your views I'll try —
If one of us must go below —

Chorus Ho! Ho!
Mr. Wells I'd rather he than I!
Chorus Much rather?
Mr. Wells Much rather!
Chorus Greatly prefer it?
Mr. Wells Greatly prefer it!
Chorus Ha! ha! Ha! ha! Ha! ha! Ha! ha!

Good — be it so.
When he will go
With me below, Just let me know.
Ring out his knell
And I will quell
The fatal spell
Till then — farewell!


Farewell! Farewell! Farewell!
Ha! ha! Ha! ha! Ha! ha! Ha! ha!