The Spirit of the Nation/A Health

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Hurra! our feuds are drowned at last;
Hurra! let tyrants tremble;
The fronted foemen of the past
In brotherhood assemble.
Fill up—and with a lofty tongue
As ever spoke from steeple,
From shore to shore his health be rung—
The leader of the people.

In mighty triumphs, singly won,
The nation has a token
That mightier deeds will yet be done—
The last strong fetter broken;
Since hearts of nerve and hands of strength,
Once banded to resist him,
Unfurl his flag, and share at length
The glory to assist him.

Up with the wine from boss to brim,
And be his voice the loudest,
Who rears, at risk of life or limb,
Our country's flag the proudest.
"The leader of the people"—grand,
Yet simple wisdom guide him!
And glory to the men who stand,
Like sheathed swords, beside him!