The Spirit of the Nation/Lament for the Brave

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The Spirit of the Nation
Lament for the Brave by Montanus


"Ultimi Romanorum."

Sainted the names and peaceful the slumbers
Of the heroes who struggled their country to free—
Who perished oppressed, but not vanquished, by numbers,
And streamed out their life-blood, dear Erin, for thee.

Twice—thrice be they blest, for no common devotion
Was theirs to the island that called them their own;
The pulse of their hearts, like the tide of the ocean,
Flowed true to the land of their fathers alone.

In the depths of the vale, on the peak of the mountain,
Raise high the proud trophy to tell of their fame—
Let the cairn of their glory be piled by the fountain,
And the stone of repose bear the spell of their name.

On the National Banner, in letters of glory,
Inscribe them to serve as the watchwords for men,
Who, roused from despair by their patriot story,
Shall dare all the deeds of these heroes again.

In the requiem chaunt for the souls of the dead,
When the prayers of the millions in silence are given,
Oh, ask of their God, for each spirit thus fled,
Peace and joy without end 'midst the blessed in heaven.