The Spread of Esperanto

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The Spread of Esperanto  (1907) 

The announcement that the Queen of Spain is a devoted Esperantist, and that Esperanto is to be added to the languages to be learned by the Norwegian Prince Olaf, has compelled even the most sceptical to admit that Esperanto is forging ahead. But the editorial declaration in the North American Review, that Esperanto is certain to be the universal key-language of the future, and that therefore the North American, the leading periodical of the United States, will henceforth follow our example and devote space in every number to extend the knowledge of the language, is more important than the patronage of kings. A year or two more and Dr. Zamenhof will be entitled to the Nobel prize, for which he has already been nominated, as the inventor of the medium of communication between all nations that on earth do dwell.