The Subway Express

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The Subway Express  (1907) 
by Jerome Kern (music) and James O'Dea (lyrics)

Song from the musical Fascinating Flora.

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(Boy) It was in no sheltered nook
It was by no babbling brook
when romantic'lly we met.
(Girl) Ah, the scene I can't forget
we were thrown together in the Subway Express.
(Boy) You were clearly all at sea
As you wildly clutched at me,
When around that curve we swung.
(Girl) Yes, and though I'd lost my tongue
I made a hit with you, you must confess.
(Boy) Yes you hit me in the back,
and as around and round you flew
I inquired if I could tender a supporting arm to you.
(Girl) To which I answered "No, Sir!"
when the guard yelled "Move up closer"
And clearly there was nothing else to do.


(Boy) We first met down at Spring Street
and then up on my word.
(Girl) I felt I'd known you all my life
when we reached Twenty Third.
(Boy) You won my heart at Harlem
(Girl) At the Bronx I murmured yes,
(Both) We lost no time in that hour sublime
On the Subway Express.


(Boy) When Grand Central hove in view
Do you recollect how you wildly reaching for that strap
(Girl) Tumbled in that fat man's lap
what a situation for a Girlie was that?
(Boy) As you sat upon his knee
How I wished that I were he,
But I helped you to your feet.
(Girl) And the fat man held his seat
I crushed him and I also crushed his hat.
(Boy) As ostensibly we read the signs of breakfast food and ham
If we weren't in a pickle, we were clearly in a jam.
(Girl) 'Twas more like an excursion;
Or just another version
Of Mary and her faithful little Lamb.

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1926. It may be copyrighted outside the U.S. (see Help:Public domain).