The Swedish Government and Parliament Against Emigration

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From Svenska Kuriren, May 2, 1908

The Swedish Parliament consented to the proposal of the Swedish King to appropriate 10,000 Swedish Kronen to the National Society against Emigration, according to a Stockholm letter of April 17, received from the Svenska Kuriren's special correspondent, "Einar," Stockholm, Sweden. He writes now about this matter as follows:

"The decision of parliament was not unanimous. One speaker said America is not so terrible. There are many Swedes who have found a good living in the United States, we have much to learn from America," he said. "We should better the living standard here at home. The emigrants will stay at home."

Another speaker said that the population of Sweden should be at least nineteen million, and now we have only five million. Still another member of the parliament thought that the Society could not do much to prevent the emigration with or without the appropriation. he said that it was for the good of young men if they spent a couple of years in America. Finally, another member said that the social condition must be reformed in Sweden before we fight against emigration, and that the value of men should be recognized instead of money when laws are instituted. But then the appropriation was approved.