The Sydney gazette and New South Wales advertiser/Volume 11/Number 472/Bennelong (Obituary)

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Bennelong died on Sunday morning last at Kissing Point. Of this veteran champion of the native tribe little favourable can be said. His voyage to, and benevolent treatment in Great Britain produced no change whatever in his manners and inclinations, which were naturally barbarous and ferocious. The principal Officers of Government had for many years endeavoured, by the kindest of usage, to wend him from his original habits, and draw him into a relish for civilised life; but every effort was in vain exerted. His propensity to drunkenness was inordinate; and when in that state he was insolent, menacing and overbearing. In fact he was a thorough savage, not to be warped from the form and character that nature gave him, by all the efforts that mankind could use.