The Tales of John Oliver Hobbes/A Bundle of Life/Characters

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Lord Twacorbie.

Sidney Wiche, M.P., Proprietor and Editor of "The Watchman."

Nicholas T. Van Huyster, an American millionaire and poet.

Captain Saville Rookes.

Sir Ventry Coxe, a widower.

Lady Twacorbie, his sister.

The Hon. Felicia Gorm, her step-daughter.

Teresa Warcop, an heiress, cousin to Lady Itvacorbic.

Lady Mallinger, a very young widow.

Luffy, the head-gardener.

Spalding, the butler.

Mrs. Danby, the housekeeper.

The scene is laid at Arden Lodge, the country seat of Lord Twacorbie,
in Mertfordshire. The action takes place in the course of twenty-four

" One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one