The Times/1896/News/British-Indian Subjects in South Africa

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Some time ago, we publish a powerful protest against continuing the grant of the franchise to British-Indian subjects in Natal. Our correspondent took up strong ground. The Europeans colonits were determined that their vote should not be swamped by an ever-increasing number of immigrants from British India. the plea seems difficult to resist, if based upon the facts, and we refrained from dealing with it until the facts were completely before us. Mr. M. K. Gandhi, whose efforts in behalf of his Indian fellow-subjects in South Africa entitle him to respect, now fowards a return of the voters in the colony “from the latest lists published in the Gazette.” We are unable to verify his figures, but, assuming their accuracy, they are of a reassuring character to the great body of Englishmen who desire to see justice done to their Indian fellow-subjects, and at the same time sympatize with the resolve of their own British countrymen in Natal that the European vote shall not be swamped.