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Obituary: Dr. A. H. Millar  (1927) 

Source: Obituary. The Times, Tuesday, Mar 01, 1927; Issue 44518; pg. 9 — Dr. A. H. Millar.

Dr. A. H. Millar

Dr. Alexander Hastie Millar, City Librarian of Dundee, died at Dundee on Sunday at the age of 79. Born in Glasgow on November 25, 1847, the son of a manufacturer, he was sent to St. Peter's School, Glasgow. Later he studied music at the old Anderson College, and obtained high certificates in theory, history, and original composition. In 1869 he became assistant to Professor Colin Brown, the Professor of Music at the College. He began to write art criticism for the Art Journal in 1879, and in 1881 he joined the staff of the Dundee Advertister, contributing leading articles, art criticism, and reviews, as well as historical series for the popular weekly journals published from the Advertiser office. Later he became literary editor and music and art critic.

In 1908 he was appointed Chief Librarian and Curator of the Dundee Free Library and Museum, and in 1909 the University of St. Andrews conferred on him the degree of LL.D. He was three times president of the Scottish Library Association and F.S.A.Scot. and F.R.S.A. Dr. Miller was on the staff of the "Dictionary of National Biography," for which he had written more than 100 articles. He was the editor of the Shire series of illustrated county histories, and was the author of a large number of works on Scottish history and antiquities, especially those of Glasgow and Dundee. He was twice married and leaves one son.

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