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Mr. A. H. Atteridge: War correspondent and author

Source: The Times, Issue: 48954, p. 9, Tuesday, June 17, 1941

Mr. A. H. Atteridge

War correspondent and author

Mr. Andrew Hilliard Atteridge, the author and journalist, who died on June 9 at Isleworth at the age of 89, survived a generation of war correspondents who found their experience in Africa before the turn of the century.

His work for the Daily Chronicle during the Sudan campaign of 1896 in addition to his service as an officer in the London Irish Rifles, gave him a continued interest in military strategy. When he turned from journalism to authorship several of his books were biographies of military men, notably his life of Marshal Foch, which gives a truer portrait of the man than can be found in some other biographies of Foch. Other of his works included studies of the Sudan campaign, of Murat, of Napoleon's brothers, of Martin Luther, and of many aspects of Reformation and post-Reformation history. He collaborated with the late Lord Tweedsmuir in Nelson's four-volume history of the last War. He was also closely associated with the late Edward Eyre in the preparation of "European Civilization: Its Origin and Development," the seventh and final volume which was completed shortly before the present war.

The funeral was on June 14, following requiem Mass at Our Lady and St. Bridget's Isleworth.

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