The Tribes of Burma/Kadus

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The Kadus

A link that may be looked upon as connecting the Chins with the communities to the east is provided by the Kadus of the Katha District of Upper Burma. The Chin element in the Kadus is very faint. They are for the most part, like the Danus, a Burmese-Shan compound, but they have also an appreciable mixture of Kachin besides the trace of Chin. They are the result of a fusion of all four stocks, though how much of each of the component parts went to make up the whole it is impossible now to say. Their language, which contains a large number of Kachin and a few apparently Chin words as well as Burmese and Shan, is fast dying out and they are now more or less Burmanized. For this reason they have been shown in the migration map as an off-shoot of the Burmese stem, though, by virtue of their Chin and Kachin ancestry, they have been dealt with here among the other Western Tibeto-Burmans. The Kadus have been most recently studied by Mr. Clayton, Settlement Officer of Katha (vide bibliographical note, post page 67). Except for a few in the Upper Chindwin District there are practically no Kadus outside Katha. In 1901 the total of persons who returned themselves as Kadus was between 34,000 and 35,000.