The Urantia Book/Part 2

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Sponsored by a Nebadon Corps of Local Universe

Personalities acting by authority of

Gabriel of Salvington.

32.The Evolution of Local Universes 357
1.Physical Emergence of Universes 357
2.Universe Organization 358
3.The Evolutionary Idea 360
4.God's Relation to a Local Universe 362
5.The Eternal and Divine Purpose 364

33.Administration of the Local Universe 366
1.Michael of Nebadon 366
2.The Sovereign of Nebadon 367
3.The Universe Son and Spirit 368
4.Gabriel—The Chief Executive 369
5.The Trinity Ambassadors 370
6.General Administration 371
Local universe time
7.The Courts of Nebadon 372
8.The Legislative and Executive Functions 373

34.The Local Universe Mother Spirit 374
1.Personalization of the Creative Spirit 374
2.Nature of the Divine Minister 375
3.The Son and Spirit in Time and Space 376
4.The Local Universe Circuits 377
5.The Ministry of the Spirit 379
6.The Spirit in Man 380
Dual nature of man
7.The Spirit and the Flesh 382
"This is the way."

35.The Local Universe Sons of God 384
1.The Father Melchizedek 384
2.The Melchizedek Sons 385
3.The Melchizedek Worlds 387
4.Special Work of the Melchizedeks 388
Melchizedek incarnations
5.The Vorondadek Sons 389
6.The Constellation Fathers 390
7.The Vorondadek Worlds 391
8.The Lanonandek Sons 392
Primary Lanonandeks
Secondary Lanonandeks
Tertiary Lanonandeks
9.The Lanonandek Rulers 393
10.The Lanonandek Worlds 394

36.The Life Carriers 396
1.Origin and Nature of Life Carriers 396
2.The Life Carrier Worlds 397
3.Life Transplantation 399
4.Melchizedek Life Carriers 400
The midsoniters
Salvington Worlds of the Finaliters
5.The Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits 401
(1)The spirit of intuition
(2)The spirit of understanding
(3)The spirit of courage
(4)The spirit of knowledge
(5)The spirit of counsel
(6)The spirit of worship
(7)The spirit of wisdom
6.Living Forces 403

37.Personalities of the Local Universe 406
1.The Universe Aids 406
2.The Brilliant Evening Stars 407
Created Evening Stars
Ascendant Evening Stars
The Worlds of the Evening Stars
3.The Archangels 408
The Worlds of the Archangels
4.Most High Assistants 409
5.High Commissioners 410
Race commissioners
Nebadon Corps of Perfection
Worlds of the Spirit-fused Mortals
6.Celestial Overseers 412
Nebadon educational system
7.Mansion World Teachers 413
8.Higher Spirit Orders of Assignment 413
Solitary Messengers
Universe Circuit Supervisor—Andovontia
Census Director—Salsatia
Associate Inspector
Assigned Sentinels
Universal Conciliators
Technical Advisers
Celestial Recorders
Morontia Companions
9.Permanent Citizens of the Local Universe 414
(3)Material Sons
(4)Midway Creatures
10.Other Local Universe Groups 416
The Spironga
The Spornagia
Courtesy colonies

38.Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe 418
1.Origin of Seraphim 418
2.Angelic Natures 419
3.Unrevealed Angels 420
4.The Seraphic Worlds 420
5.Seraphic Training 420
6.Seraphic Organization 421
7.Cherubim and Sanobim 422
8.Evolution of Cherubim and Sanobim 423
(1)Ascension Candidates
(2)Mid-phase Cherubim
(3)Morontia Cherubim
9.The Midway Creatures 424
(1)Primary Midwayers
(2)Secondary Midwayers

39.The Seraphic Hosts 426
1.Supreme Seraphim 427
(1)Son-Spirit Ministers
Bestowal attendants
(2)Court Advisers
(3)Universe Orientators
(4)The Teaching Counselors
(5)Directors of Assignment
(6)The Recorders
(7)Unattached Ministers
2.Superior Seraphim 429
(1)The Intelligence Corps
(2)The Voice of Mercy
(3)Spirit Co-ordinators
(4)Assistant Teachers
(5)The Transporters
Seraphic transport techniques
(6)The Recorders
(7)The Reserves
3.Supervisor Seraphim 432
(1)Supervising Assistants
(2)Law Forecasters
(3)Social Architects
(4)Ethical Sensitizers
(5)The Transporters
(6)The Recorders
(7)The Reserves
4.Administrator Seraphim 434
(1)Administrative Assistants
(2)Justice Guides
(3)Interpreters of Cosmic Citizenship
(4)Quickeners of Morality
(5)The Transporters
(6)The Recorders
(7)The Reserves
5.Planetary Helpers 436
(1)The Voices of the Garden
(2)The Spirits of Brotherhood
(3)The Souls of Peace
(4)The Spirits of Trust
(5)The Transporters
Departure of a seraphic transport
(6)The Recorders
(7)The Reserves
6.Transition Ministers 439
7.Seraphim of the Future 440
8.Seraphic Destiny 440
9.The Corps of Seraphic Completion 441

40.The Ascending Sons of God 443
1.Evolutionary Seraphim 443
2.Ascending Material Sons 444
3.Translated Midwayers 444
4.Personalized Adjusters 444
5.Mortals of Time and Space 445
Mortals of the transient or experiential Adjuster sojourn
Mortals of the non-Adjuster-fusion types
Mortals of Adjuster-fusion potential
The unnumbered series
6.The Faith Sons of God 447
7.Father-Fused Mortals 448
8.Son-Fused Mortals 449
9.Spirit-Fused Mortals 450
Techniques of memory reconstruction
10.Ascendant Destinies 452

41.Physical Aspects of the Local Universe 455
1.The Nebadon Power Centers 455
2.The Satania Physical Controllers 456
3.Our Starry Associates 458
4.Sun Density 459
5.Solar Radiation 460
6.Calcium—The Wanderer of Space 461
7.Sources of Solar Energy 463
8.Solar-Energy Reactions 464
9.Sun Stability 465
10.Origin of Inhabited Worlds 465

42.Energy—Mind and Matter 467
1.Paradise Forces and Energies 467
2.Universal Nonspiritual Energy Systems (Physical Energies) 469
(1)Space potency
(2)Primordial force
(3)Emergent energies
a.Puissant energy
b.Gravity energy
(4)Universe power
(5)Havona energy
(6)Transcendental energy
3.Classification of Matter 471
4.Energy and Matter Transmutations 472
5.Wave-Energy Manifestations 474
6.Ultimatons, Electrons, and Atoms 476
7.Atomic Matter 477
8.Atomic Cohesion 478
9.Natural Philosophy 469
10.Universal Nonspiritual Energy Systems (Material Mind Systems) 480
(1)Preadjutant-spirit minds
(2)Adjutant-spirit minds
(3)Evolving morontia minds
The cosmic mind
11.Universe Mechanisms 481
12.Pattern and Form—Mind Dominance 483

43.The Constellations 485
1.The Constellation Headquarters 485
2.The Constellation Government 487
3.The Most Highs of Norlatiadek 488
4.Mount Assembly—The Faithful of Days 489
5.The Edentia Fathers Since the Lucifer Rebellion 490
6.The Gardens of God 492
7.The Univitatia 493
8.The Edentia Training Worlds 493
9.Citizenship on Edentia 495

44.The Celestial Artisans 497
1.The Celestial Musicians 499
2.The Heavenly Reproducers 500
3.The Divine Builders 501
4.The Thought Recorders 503
5.The Energy Manipulators 504
6.The Designers and Embellishers 506
7.The Harmony Workers 507
8.Mortal Aspirations and Morontia Achievements 507

45.The Local System Administration 509
1.Transitional Culture Worlds 509
(1)The Finaliter World
(2)The Morontia World
(3)The Angelic World
(4)The Superangel World
(5)The World of the Sons
(6)The World of the Spirit
(7)The World of the Father
2.The System Sovereign 511
3.The System Government 512
4.The Four and Twenty Counselors 513
5.The Material Sons 514
6.Adamic Training of Ascenders 515
Parental experience
The probation nursery of Satania
7.The Melchizedek Schools 517

46.The Local System Headquarters 519
1.Physical Aspects of Jerusem 519
2.Physical Features of Jerusem 520
3.The Jerusem Broadcasts 522
4.Residential and Administrative Areas 522
5.The Jerusem Circles 523
(1)Circles of the Sons of God
(2)Circles of the angels
(3)Circles of the Universe Aids
(4)Circles of the Master Physical Controllers
(5)Circles of the ascending mortals
(6)Circles of the courtesy colonies
(7)Circles of the finaliters
6.The Executive-Administrative Squares 527
7.The Rectangles—The Spornagia 527
8.The Jerusem Triangles 528

47.The Seven Mansion Worlds 530
1.The Finaliters' World 530
Requisite parental experience
2.The Probationary Nursery 531
3.The First Mansion World 532
Morontia Companions
4.The Second Mansion World 534
5.The Third Mansion World 535
6.The Fourth Mansion World 536
7.The Fifth Mansion World 537
8.The Sixth Mansion World 537
Adjuster fusion
9.The Seventh Mansion World 538
10.Jerusem Citizenship 539

48.The Morontia Life 541
1.Morontia Materials 541
2.Morontia Power Supervisors 542
(1)Circuit Regulators
(2)System Co-ordinators
(3)Planetary Custodians
(4)Combined Controllers
(5)Liaison Stabilizers
(6)Selective Assorters
(7)Associate Registrars
3.Morontia Companions 545
(1)Pilgrim Guardians
(2)Pilgrim Receivers and Free Associators
(3)Hosts to Celestial Visitors
(4)Co-ordinators and Liaison Directors
(5)Interpreters and Translators
(6)Excursion and Reversion Supervisors
(7)Area and Building Custodians
4.The Reversion Directors 547
Celestial humor
Mortal humor
5.Mansion World Teachers 550
6.Morontia World Seraphim—Transition Ministers 551
(1)Seraphic Evangels
Original of Twenty-third Psalm
(2)Racial Interpreters
(3)Mind Planners
(4)Morontia Counselors
Stereoscopic effect of mota
Truth and fact
(7)Ministering Reserves
Success, failure, and ego
7.Morontia Mota 556
8.The Morontia Progressors 557

49.The Inhabited Worlds 559
1.The Planetary Life 559
2.Planetary Physical Types 560
(1)The atmospheric types
(2)The elemental types
(3)The gravity types
(4)The temperature types
(5)The electric types
(6)The energizing types
(7)The unnamed types
3.Worlds of the Nonbreathers 563
4.Evolutionary Will Creatures 564
5.The Planetary Series of Mortals 565
(1)Adjustment to planetary environment
Experimental series inspected by Tabamantia
(2)Brain-type series
(3)Spirit-reception series
(4)Planetary-mortal epochs
(5)Creature-kinship serials
(6)Adjuster-fusion series
(7)Techniques of terrestrial escape
6.Terrestrial Escape 568
(1)The dispensational or group order of survival
(2)The individual orders of ascension
(3)The probationary-dependent orders of ascension
(4)The secondary modified orders of ascension
(5)The primary modified order of ascension

50.The Planetary Princes 572
1.Mission of the Princes 572
2.Planetary Administration 573
3.The Prince's Corporeal Staff 574
4.The Planetary Headquarters and Schools 575
5.Progressive Civilization 576
6.Planetary Culture 578
7.The Rewards of Isolation 578
Tabamantia an agondonter

51.The Planetary Adams 580
1.Origin and Nature of the Material Sons of God 580
2.Transit of the Planetary Adams 582
3.The Adamic Missions 582
4.The Six Evolutionary Races 584
5.Racial Amalgamation—Bestowal of the Adamic Blood 585
6.The Edenic Regime 586
7.United Administration 587

52.Planetary Mortal Epochs 589
1.Primitive Man 589
2.Post-Planetary Prince Man 591
3.Post-Adamic Man 592
4.Post-Magisterial Son Man 594
5.Post-Bestowal Son Man 595
6.Urantia's Post-Bestowal Age 597
7.Post-Teacher Son Man 598

53.The Lucifer Rebellion 601
1.The Leaders of Rebellion 601
2.The Causes of Rebellion 602
3.The Lucifer Manifesto 603
4.Outbreak of the Rebellion 604
5.Nature of the Conflict 605
6.A Loyal Seraphic Commander 606
7.History of the Rebellion 607
8.The Son of Man on Urantia 609
9.Present Status of the Rebellion 610

54.Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion 613
1.True and False Liberty 613
2.The Theft of Liberty 614
3.The Time Lag of Justice 615
4.The Mercy Time Lag 615
5.The Wisdom of Delay 617
Twelve reasons
6.The Triumph of Love 618

55.The Spheres of Light and Life 621
1.The Morontia Temple 622
2.Death and Translation 623
3.The Golden Ages 624
4.Administrative Readjustments 626
The seven stages on a planet
Release of midwayers
Adamic departure
5.The Acme of Material Development 629
6.The Individual Mortal 630
7.The First or Planetary Stage 631
8.The Second or System Stage 632
9.The Third or Constellation Stage 633
10.The Fourth or Local Universe Stage 634
11.The Minor and Major Sector Stages 635
12.The Seventh or Superuniverse Stage 636
The Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme

56.Universal Unity 637
1.Physical Co-ordination 637
2.Intellectual Unity 638
3.Spiritual Unification 639
4.Personality Unification 639
5.Deity Unity 640
6.Unification of Evolutionary Deity 641
7.Universal Evolutionary Repercussions 642
8.The Supreme Unifier 643
9.Universal Absolute Unity 644
10.Truth, Beauty, and Goodness 646