The Urantia Book/Part 4

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This group of papers was sponsored by a commission of twelve Urantia

Midwayers acting under the supervision of a Melchizedek Revela-

tory Director. The basis of this narrative was supplied by a secondary Midwayer who was onetime as-

signed to the superhuman watchcare

of the Apostle Andrew.

120.The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia 1323
1.The Seventh Bestowal Commission 1325
2.The Bestowal Limitations 1327
3.Further Counsel and Advice 1329
4.The Incarnation—Making Two One 1331

121.The Times of Michael's Bestowal 1332
1.The Occident of the First Century After Christ 1332
2.The Jewish People 1333
3.Among the Gentiles 1334
4.Gentile Philosophy 1335
(1)The Epicurean
(2)The Stoic
(3)The Cynic
(4)The Skeptic
5.The Gentile Religions 1336
The mystery religions
6.The Hebrew Religion 1338
7.Jews and Gentiles 1339
8.Previous Written Records 1341
(1)The Gospel by Mark
(2)The Gospel of Matthew
(3)The Gospel by Luke
(4)The Gospel of John

122.Birth and Infancy of Jesus 1344
1.Joseph and Mary 1344
2.Gabriel Appears to Elizabeth 1345
3.Gabriel's Announcement to Mary 1346
4.Joseph's Dream 1347
The "house of David"
5.Jesus' Earth Parents 1348
6.The Home at Nazareth 1349
7.The Trip to Bethlehem 1350
8.The Birth of Jesus 1351
The legend of the shepherds
The three priests from Ur
The "Star of Bethlehem"
9.The Presentation in the Temple 1352
10.Herod Acts 1353
The flight to Egypt

123.The Early Childhood of Jesus 1355
The Sojourn in Egypt
1.Back in Nazareth 1356
Jesus' fourth year
2.The Fifth Year (2 B.C.) 1357
Child rearing
3.Events of the Sixth Year (1 B.C.) 1359
4.The Seventh Year (A.D. 1) 1361
Material accidents
5.School Days in Nazareth 1362
6.His Eighth Year (A.D. 2) 1364

124.The Later Childhood of Jesus 1366
1.Jesus' Ninth Year (A.D. 3) 1366
The picture on the floor
Climate in Galilee
2.The Tenth Year (A.D. 4) 1368
Jacob the stone mason's son
3.The Eleventh Year (A.D. 5) 1369
The Scythopolis episode
4.The Twelfth Year (A.D. 6) 1371
Personal morality and group loyalty
5.His Thirteenth Year (A.D. 7) 1373
6.The Journey to Jerusalem 1374
Mary, Martha, and Lazarus

125.Jesus at Jerusalem 1377
1.Jesus Views the Temple 1378
2.Jesus and the Passover 1379
3.Departure of Joseph and Mary 1381
4.First and Second Days in the Temple 1381
5.The Third Day in the Temple 1382
6.The Fourth Day in the Temple 1383

126.The Two Crucial Years 1386
1.His Fourteenth Year (A.D. 8) 1387
2.The Death of Joseph 1388
3.The Fifteenth Year (A.D. 9) 1389
Origin of "The Lord's Prayer"
The "Son of Man"
Who is the Messiah?
4.First Sermon in the Synagogue 1391
5.The Financial Struggle 1392

127.The Adolescent Years 1395
1.The Sixteenth Year (A.D. 10) 1395
2.The Seventeenth Year (A.D. 11) 1396
The Zealot episode
3.The Eighteenth Year (A.D. 12) 1398
With James at the Passover
Visit of Elizabeth and John
Death of Amos
4.The Nineteenth Year (A.D. 13) 1401
Rearing the children
5.Rebecca, the Daughter of Ezra 1402
6.His Twentieth Year (A.D. 14) 1403
Passover visit to Jerusalem

128.Jesus' Early Manhood 1407
1.The Twenty-First Year (A.D. 15) 1407
Growing awareness of divinity
With Joseph at the Passover
2.The Twenty-Second Year (A.D. 16) 1409
As a smith at Sepphoris
3.The Twenty-Third Year (A.D. 17) 1411
With Simon at the Passover
Jesus meets Stephen
4.The Damascus Episode 1412
5.The Twenty-Fourth Year (A.D. 18) 1413
The Alexandrian proposal
6.The Twenty-Fifth Year (A.D. 19) 1415
With Jude at the Passover
"Uncle Joshua tell us a story."
7.The Twenty-Sixth Year (A.D. 20) 1416
James' marriage
Miriam's marriage
James head of the family of Joseph

129.The Later Adult Life of Jesus 1419
1.The Twenty-Seventh Year (A.D. 21) 1419
Zebedee of Capernaum
Jesus the boatbuilder
2.The Twenty-Eighth Year (A.D. 22) 1421
Jesus visits Jerusalem
Meeting Gonid and Ganid
3.The Twenty-Ninth Year (A.D. 23) 1423
Purpose of the trip to Rome
4.The Human Jesus 1424

130.On the Way to Rome 1427
1.At Joppa—Discourse on Jonah 1428
Discussion of good and evil
2.At Caesarea 1429
The merchant from Mongolia
The Greek worker and the Roman foreman
God's will and man's will
3.At Alexandria 1432
4.Discourse on Reality 1433
5.On the Island of Crete 1436
6.The Young Man Who was Afraid 1437
7.At Carthage—Discourse on Time and Space 1438
8.On the Way to Naples and Rome 1440
Ezra, the backslidden Jew

131.The World's Religion 1442
1.Cynicism 1442
2.Judaism 1444
3.Buddhism 1446
4.Hinduism 1447
5.Zoroastrianism 1449
6.Suduanism (Jainism)  1450
7.Shinto 1451
8.Taoism 1451
9.Confucianism 1452
10."Our Religion" 1453

132.The Sojourn at Rome 1455
Influence on thirty-two religious leaders
1.True Values 1456
2.Good and Evil 1457
3.Truth and Faith 1459
4.Personal Ministry 1460
To the Roman senator
To the Roman soldier
To the speaker at the forum
To the poor man, falsely accused
5.Counseling the Rich Man 1462
6.Social Ministry 1465
7.Trips About Rome 1466
The thoughtless pagan
"Let's you and I make a new religion."

133.The Return from Rome 1468
India's caste system
1.Mercy and Justice 1468
2.Embarking at Tarentum 1470
The man mistreating his wife
3.At Corinth 1471
Crispus, chief ruler of the synagogue
Justus, the merchant
The two public women
4.Personal Work in Corinth. 1474
To the miller
To the Roman centurion
To the Mithraic leader
To the Epicurean teacher
To the Greek contractor
To the Roman judge
To the mistress of the Greek inn
To the Chinese merchant
To the traveler from Britain
To the runaway lad
To the condemned criminal
5.At Athens—Discourse on Science 1476
6.At Ephesus—Discourse on the Soul 1477
7.The Sojourn at Cyprus—Discourse on Mind 1479
8.At Antioch 1480
9.In Mesopotamia 1481

134.The Transition Years 1483
1.The Thirtieth Year (A.D. 24) 1483
Return to Nazareth
Marriage of Simon; marriage of Jude
2.The Caravan Trip to the Caspian 1484
3.The Urmia Lectures 1485
4.Sovereignty—Divine and Human 1486
5.Political Sovereignty 1487
6.Law, Liberty, and Sovereignty 1490
7.The Thirty-First Year (A.D. 25) 1492
Solitary wanderings
8.The Sojourn on Mount Hermon 1492
End of the Lucifer Rebellion
The sovereignty of Nebadon
9.The Time of Waiting 1494
Visit with John at Jerusalem
Working in Zebedee's boatshop

135.John the Baptist 1496
1.John Becomes a Nazarite 1496
2.The Death of Zacharias 1497
3.The Life of a Shepherd 1497
4.The Death of Elizabeth 1499
5.The Kingdom of God 1500
6.John Begins to Preach 1501
7.John Journeys North 1503
8.Meeting of Jesus and John 1503
Baptism of Jesus
9.Forty Days of Preaching 1505
10.John Journeys South 1506
11.John in Prison 1506
12.Death of John the Baptist 1508

136.Baptism and the Forty Days 1509
1.Concepts of the Expected Messiah 1509
2.The Baptism of Jesus 1510
3.The Forty Days 1512
Conference with Gabriel
Completion of universe sovereignty
4.Plans for Public Work 1514
The Father's way
5.The First Great Decision 1516
Personalized Adjuster in command
Insensitivity of Adjuster to time
6.The Second Decision 1517
The path of normal earthly existence
7.The Third Decision 1519
Obedience to natural law
8.The Fourth Decision 1520
Refusal to compromise with evil
9.The Fifth Decision 1521
Rejection of David's throne
10.The Sixth Decision 1523
"I will be subject to the will of my Father."

137.Tarrying Time in Galilee 1524
1.Choosing the First Four Apostles 1524
Andrew and Peter
James and John
2.Choosing Philip and Nathaniel 1526
3.The Visit to Capernaum 1527
4.The Wedding at Cana 1528
5.Back in Capernaum 1531
6.The Events of a Sabbath Day 1532
7.Four Months of Training 1533
8.Sermon on the Kingdom 1535

138.Training the Kingdom's Messengers 1538
1.Final Instructions 1538
2.Choosing the Six 1539
3.The Call of Matthew and Simon 1540
Not the righteous but sinners
4.The Call of the Twins 1541
5.The Call of Thomas and Judas 1542
6.The Week of Intensive Training 1542
7.Another Disappointment 1543
8.First Work of the Twelve 1545
9.Five Months of Testing 1546
10.Organization of the Twelve 1547

139.The Twelve Apostles 1548
1.Andrew, the First Chosen 1548
2.Simon Peter 1550
3.James Zebedee 1552
4.John Zebedee 1553
5.Philip the Curious 1556
6.Honest Nathaniel 1558
7.Matthew Levi 1559
8.Thomas Didymus 1561
9.and10.James and Judas Alpheus 1563
11.Simon the Zealot 1564
12.Judas Iscariot 1565

140.The Ordination of the Twelve 1568
1.Preliminary Instruction 1568
2.The Ordination 1569
3.The Ordination Sermon 1570
The "Sermon on the Mount"
4.You are the Salt of the Earth 1572
5.Fatherly and Brotherly Love 1573
Happy are the poor in spirit—the humble . . .
Happy are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness . . .
Happy are the meek . . .
Happy are the pure in heart . . .
Happy are they who mourn . . .
Happy are the merciful . . .
Happy are the peacemakers . . .
Happy are they who are persecuted . . .
6.The Evening of the Ordination 1576
"I look beyond the act . . ."
Concerning divorcement
Justice and mercy
"They do well—trouble them not."
7.The Week Following the Ordination 1578
8.Thursday Afternoon on the Lake 1579
(1)Doing the Father's Will
(2)Political attitude
(3)Social attitude
(4)Economic attitude
(5)Personal religion
9.The Day of Consecration 1583
10.The Evening After the Consecration 1584

141.Beginning the Public Work 1587
1.Leaving Galilee 1587
2.God's Law and the Father's Will 1588
3.The Sojourn at Amathus 1589
Jesus' personality
Jesus' appearance
4.Teaching about the Father 1590
Minister to the sick
5.Spiritual Unity 1591
6.Last Week at Amathus 1592
Teherma the Persian
7.At Bethany Beyond Jordan 1593
Teaching about the kingdom
Salvation by faith; liberty through truth
8.Working in Jericho 1595
9.Departing for Jerusalem 1595

142.The Passover at Jerusalem 1596
Visit to Annas
1.Teaching in the Temple 1596
2.God's Wrath 1597
Jacob of Crete
3.The Concept of God 1598
Six Hebrew concepts of God
The earlier ten commandments
4.Flavius and Greek Culture 1600
5.The Discourse on Assurance 1601
6.The Visit with Nicodemus 1601
7.The Lesson on the Family 1603
8.In Southern Judea 1605
The camp in Gethsemane Park

143.Going Through Samaria 1607
1.Preaching at Archelais 1607
"They made light of our message."
"Do you resemble weaklings?"
2.Lesson on Self-Mastery 1609
3.Diversion and Relaxation 1610
Three days on Mount Sartaba
4.The Jews and the Samaritans 1612
5.The Woman of Sychar 1612
6.The Samaritan Revival 1615
In camp on Mount Gerizim
7.Teachings about Prayer and Worship 1616

144.At Gilboa and in the Decapolis 1617
1.The Gilboa Encampment 1617
2.The Discourse on Prayer 1618
3.The Believer's Prayer 1619
4.More about Prayer 1620
5.Other Forms of Prayer 1621
Seven prayers from other worlds
6.Conference with John's Apostles 1624
7.In the Decapolis Cities 1626
8.In Camp Near Pella 1626
". . . tell John that he is not forgotten."
9.Death of John the Baptist 1627

145.Four Eventful Days at Capernaum 1628
Visit with Ruth
1.The Draught of Fishes 1628
2.Afternoon at the Synagogue 1629
Religion is a personal experience
The young epileptic
Peter's wife's mother
3.The Healing at Sundown 1631
4.The Evening After 1634
5.Early Sunday Morning 1634

146.First Preaching Tour of Galilee 1637
1.Preaching at Rimmon 1637
2.At Jotapata 1638
Prayer, thanksgiving, and worship
Justice and mercy
Prayer and personal effort
Ethical prayer
3.The Stop at Ramah 1641
Religion, science, and philosophy
The assurance of truth
The visit at Zebulun
4.The Gospel at Iron 1643
Work in the mines
Healing the leprous man
5.Back in Cana 1644
Titus the nobleman
6.Nain and the Widow's Son 1645
7.At Endor 1646

147.The Interlude Visit to Jerusalem 1647
1.The Centurion's Servant 1647
2.The Journey to Jerusalem 1648
Separation from John's apostles
3.At the Pool of Bethesda 1649
4.The Rule of Living 1650
Nathaniel's question about the golden rule
5.Visiting Simon the Pharisee 1651
Parable of the moneylender
Status and progress
6.Returning to Capernaum 1653
The six spies
"The Sabbath was made for man . . ."
7.Back in Capernaum 1655
8.The Feast of Spiritual Goodness 1656

148.Training Evangelists at Bethsaida 1657
1.A New School of the Prophets 1657
2.The Bethsaida Hospital 1658
3.The Father's Business 1659
4.Evil, Sin, and Iniquity 1659
5.The Purpose of Affliction 1661
6.The Misunderstanding of Suffering—Discourse on Job 1662
7.The Man with the Withered Hand 1664
8.Last Week at Bethsaida 1665
Kirmeth of Bagdad
9.Healing the Paralytic 1666
Baptism of three of the spies

149.The Second Preaching Tour 1668
David's intelligence organization
1.The Widespread Fame of Jesus 1668
The healing phenomena
2.Attitude of the People 1670
Two mistakes of early Christianity
Jesus' fame as a healer
His recognition of the equality of women
Charm of his personality
3.Hostility of the Religious Leaders 1672
4.Progress of the Preaching Tour 1673
Comments on anger
Concerning well-balanced characters
5.Lesson Regarding Contentment 1674
6.The "Fear of the Lord" 1675
7.Returning to Bethsaida 1677

150.The Third Preaching Tour 1678
1.The Women's Evangelistic Corps 1678
2.The Stop at Magdala 1679
3.Sabbath at Tiberias 1680
Discourse on "Magic and Superstition"
4.Sending the Apostles Out Two and Two 1681
5.What Must I Do to Be Saved? 1682
6.The Evening Lessons 1683
7.The Sojourn at Nazareth 1683
8.The Sabbath Service 1684
9.The Nazareth Rejection 1686

151.Tarrying and Teaching by the Seaside 1688
1.The Parable of the Sower 1688
2.Interpretation of the Parable 1689
3.More About Parables 1691
4.More Parables by the Sea 1693
5.The Visit to Kheresa 1694
The storm on the lake
6.The Kheresa Lunatic 1695

152.Events Leading up to the Capernaum Crisis 1698
Veronica of Caesarea-Philippi
1.At Jairus's House 1699
2.Feeding the Five Thousand 1700
3.The King-Making Episode 1702
4.Simon Peter's Night Vision 1703
5.Back in Bethsaida 1703
6.At Gennesaret 1705
More about the parable of the sower
7.At Jerusalem 1706

153.The Crisis at Capernaum 1707
1.The Setting of the Stage 1707
2.The Epochal Sermon 1709
"I am the bread of life."
3.The After Meeting 1712
4.Last Words in the Synagogue 1713
The boy possessed by the evil spirit
"How can Satan cast out Satan?"
5.The Saturday Evening 1715
Desertion of the halfhearted followers

154.Last Days at Capernaum 1717
1.A Week of Counsel 1717
2.A Week of Rest 1718
Closing of the synagogues
3.The Second Tiberias Conference 1719
4.Saturday Night in Capernaum 1719
"What shall we do with Jesus?"
5.The Eventful Sunday Morning 1720
6.Jesus' Family Arrives 1721
7.The Hasty Flight 1723

155.Fleeing Through Northern Galilee 1725
1.Why do the Heathen Rage? 1725
2.The Evangelists in Chorazin 1726
3.At Caesarea-Philippi 1727
Truth and creed
Origin of religious traditions
4.On the Way to Phoenicia 1728
5.The Discourse on True Religion 1728
6.The Second Discourse on Religion 1730

156.The Sojourn at Tyre and Sidon 1734
1.The Syrian Woman 1734
2.Teaching in Sidon 1735
"This world is only a bridge . . ."
3.The Journey up the Coast 1736
4.At Tyre 1737
5.Jesus' Teaching at Tyre 1737
Parable of the foolish carpenter
Temptation and human nature
The essentials of material success
Spiritual living and self-respect
Ideals and ideas
Tact, charm, and wisdom
6.The Return from Phoenicia 1741
Attitude of the Jewish leaders

157.At Caesarea-Philippi 1743
Jesus attempts to see his family
1.The Temple-Tax Collector 1743
"The fish with a shekel in his mouth."
2.At Bethsaida-Julias 1744
3.Peter's Confession 1745
"Who do men say that I am?"
4.The Talk About the Kingdom 1746
5.The New Concept 1748
6.The Next Afternoon 1748
The four stages of Jesus' life
New authoritative pronouncements
7.Andrew's Conference 1750

158.The Mount of Transfiguration 1752
1.The Transfiguration 1752
2.Coming Down the Mountain 1754
3.Meaning of the Transfiguration 1755
4.The Epileptic Boy 1755
James of Safed
5.Jesus Heals the Boy 1757
"Lord I believe . . . help my unbelief."
6.In Celsus' Garden 1758
7.Peter's Protest 1759
8.At Peter's House 1761

159.The Decapolis Tour 1762
1.The Sermon on Forgiveness 1762
"How often shall my brother sin against me?"
Parable of the reckoning with the stewards
Dangers of personal judgment
2.The Strange Preacher 1764
3.Instruction for Teachers and Believers 1765
4.The Talk with Nathaniel 1767
"What is the truth about the Scriptures?"
5.The Positive Nature of Jesus' Religion 1769
". . . carry the pack a second mile."
6.The Return to Magadan 1771

160.Rodan of Alexandria 1772
1.Rodan's Greek Philosophy 1772
The three drives of life
Problem solving and worshipful meditation
Prejudice and the recognition of truth
2.The Art of Living 1775
Socializing value of friendship
The great value of marriage
3.The Lures of Maturity 1777
4.The Balance of Maturity 1778
Essentials of temporal life
Factors of material success
The meaning of failure
5.The Religion of the Ideal 1780
What is religion?
The idea of God and the ideal of God
The Father is the final value
"But are we willing to pay the price . . . ?"

161.Further Discussions with Rodan 1783
1.The Personality of God 1783
Nathaniel's five points
2.The Divine Nature of Jesus 1785
Discourse by Nathaniel and Thomas
3.Jesus' Human and Divine Minds 1787
The midwayers' views

162.At the Feast of Tabernacles 1788
"Master . . . bid fire come down from heaven . . ."
1.The Dangers of the Visit to Jerusalem 1788
2.The First Temple Talk 1790
Eber the officer of the Sanhedrin
3.The Woman Taken in Adultery 1792
4.The Feast of Tabernacles 1793
5.Sermon on the Light of the World 1794
6.Discourse on the Water of Life 1795
7.The Discourse on Spiritual Freedom 1796
8.The Visit with Martha and Mary 1797
9.At Bethlehem with Abner 1798

163.Ordination of the Seventy at Magadan 1800
1.Ordination of the Seventy 1800
The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few
2.The Rich Young Man and Others 1801
Riches and the love of wealth
3.The Discussion about Wealth 1803
Parable of the laborers in the vineyard
4.Farewell to the Seventy 1804
Jesus' instructions
Peter's ordination sermon
5.Moving the Camp to Pella 1806
6.The Return of the Seventy 1806
7.Preparation for the Last Mission 1808

164.At the Feast of Dedication 1809
1.Story of the Good Samaritan 1809
2.At Jerusalem 1810
3.Healing the Blind Beggar 1811
4.Josiah Before the Sanhedrin 1813
5.Teaching in Solomon's Porch 1815

165.The Perean Mission Begins 1817
1.At the Pella Camp 1817
2.Sermon on the Good Shepherd 1818
3.Sabbath Sermon at Pella 1819
"Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees . . ."
". . . the very hairs of your head are numbered"
4.Dividing the Inheritance 1821
Parable of the foolish rich man
"Where your treasure is there will your heart be also."
"What shall it profit if you gain the whole world . . . ?"
5.Talks to the Apostles on Wealth 1823
"Consider the lilies, how they grow . . ."
6.Answer to Peter's Question 1824

166.Last Visit to Northern Perea 1825
1.The Pharisees at Ragaba 1825
Ceremonial hand washing
2.The Ten Lepers 1827
3.The Sermon at Gerasa 1828
The straight and narrow way
Many who are first will be last
"I stand at the door and knock . . ."
4.Teaching About Accidents 1830
5.The Congregation at Philadelphia 1831
The later ministry and death of Abner

167.The Visit to Philadelphia 1833
1.Breakfast with the Pharisees 1833
Healing the believer
". . . sit not down in the chief seat . . ."
2.Parable of the Great Supper 1835
3.The Woman with the Spirit of Infirmity 1835
4.The Message from Bethany 1836
5.On the Way to Bethany 1838
The Pharisee and the publican
Teaching about marriage
6.Blessing the Little Children 1839
Beauty as an influence to worship
7.The Talk about Angels 1840

168.The Resurrection of Lazarus 1842
"I am the resurrection and the life . . ."
1.At the Tomb of Lazarus 1843
2.The Resurrection of Lazarus 1845
3.Meeting of the Sanhedrin 1847
"It is better that one man die . . ."
4.The Answer to Prayer 1848
5.What Became of Lazarus 1849

169.Last Teaching at Pella 1850
The Sanhedrin's charges against Jesus
1.Parable of the Lost Son 1850
2.Parable of the Shrewd Steward 1853
3.The Rich Man and the Beggar 1854
4.The Father and his Kingdom 1855
Jesus lived a revelation of God
Elohim and Yahweh

170.The Kingdom of Heaven 1858
1.Concepts of the Kingdom of Heaven 1858
2.Jesus' Concept of the Kingdom 1859
Sin and forgiveness
3.In Relation to Righteousness 1861
4.Jesus' Teaching About the Kingdom 1862
5.Later Ideas of the Kingdom 1864
Social brotherhood and spiritual brotherhood
Another and greater John the Baptist
Christianity and the Jesus gospel

171.On the Way to Jerusalem 1867
". . . promise me that these my sons shall have honor . . ."
1.The Departure from Pella 1868
David Zebedee's later life
Antioch and Philadelphia
2.On Counting the Cost 1869
3.The Perean Tour 1870
Farewell to Abner
4.Teaching at Livias 1871
Peter and Simon and the 100 swords
Warning of the friendly Pharisees
5.The Blind Man at Jericho 1873
6.The Visit to Zaccheus 1873
7."As Jesus Passed By" 1874
8.Parable of the Pounds 1875
Nathaniel's interpretation of the parable

172.Going into Jerusalem 1878
1.Sabbath at Bethany 1878
Mary anoints Jesus' feet
Jesus rebukes Judas
2.Sunday Morning with the Apostles 1880
3.The Start for Jerusalem 1880
4.Visiting About the Temple 1883
The widow's mite
5.The Apostles' Attitude 1883

173.Monday in Jerusalem 1888
1.Cleansing the Temple 1888
2.Challenging the Master's Authority 1891
"The baptism of John, whence was it?"
3.Parable of the Two Sons 1893
4.Parable of the Absent Landlord 1893
The stone which the builders rejected
5.Parable of the Marriage Feast 1894
"Destroy this temple and . . . I will raise it up."

174.Tuesday Morning in the Temple 1897
Individual salutations to the twelve
1.Divine Forgiveness 1898
2.Questions by the Jewish Rulers 1899
Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar?
3.The Sadducees and the Resurrection 1900
4.The Great Commandment 1901
The Deliverer, whose son is he?
5.The Inquiring Greeks 1902
". . . except a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies . . ."
". . . if I be lifted up . . . in your lives . . ."

175.The Last Temple Discourse 1905
1.The Discourse 1905
"Generation after generation have we sent our prophets . . ."
". . . he who would be greatest among you . . ."
"Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!"
". . . you . . . cleanse the outside of the cup . . ."
"And now I take leave of you."
2.Status of Individual Jews 1909
3.The Fateful Sanhedrin Meeting 1909
4.The Situation in Jerusalem 1910
Judas' final decision

176.Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet 1912
1.The Destruction of Jerusalem 1912
2.The Master's Second Coming 1914
The account in the Matthew Gospel
3.Later Discussion at the Camp 1916
Parable of the talents
"Carry on until I come."
Comments on the growth of living truth
4.The Return of Michael 1918

177.Wednesday, the Rest Day 1920
1.One Day Alone with God 1920
John Mark and the lunch basket
2.Early Home Life 1921
3.The Day at Camp 1923
4.Judas and the Chief Priests 1924
5.The Last Social Hour 1927
Beware of the support of the multitude

178.Last Day at the Camp 1929
1.Discourse on Sonship and Citizenship 1929
Learn to be faithful even in prosperity
Tempt not the angels of your supervision . . .
2.After the Noontime Meal 1932
David relieves Judas of the "bag"
Arrangements for the Last Supper
3.On the Way to the Supper 1934

179.The Last Supper 1936
1.The Desire for Preference 1936
2.Beginning the Supper 1937
3.Washing the Apostles' Feet 1938
4.Last Words to the Betrayer 1940
5.Establishing the Remembrance Supper 1941

180.The Farewell Discoure 1944
1.The New Commandment 1944
". . . love one another even as I have loved you."
2.The Vine and the Branches 1945
3.Enmity of the World 1946
"Let not your hearts be troubled."
"Master, show us the Father . . ."
4.The Promised Helper 1948
5.The Spirit of Truth 1949
Comments on the golden rule
6.The Necessity for Leaving 1951

181.Final Admonitions and Warning 1953
1.Last Words of Comfort 1963
"I give each of you all you will receive."
"Let not your heart be troubled."
2.Farewell Personal Admonitions 1955

182.In Gethsemane 1963
1.The Last Group Prayer 1963
Jesus' enlargement of the revelation of God's name
2.Last Hour Before the Betrayal 1966
Dispatching the runner to Abner
David Zebedee's farewell
3.Alone in Gethsemane 1968
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

183.The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus 1971
1.The Father's Will 1971
2.Judas in the City 1971
3.The Master's Arrest 1973
4.Discussion at the Olive Press 1975
5.On the Way to the High Priest's Palace 1977

184.Before the Sanhedrin Court 1978
1.Examination by Annas 1978
2.Peter in the Courtyard 1980
3.Before the Court of Sanhedrists 1982
4.The Hour of Humiliation 1984
A new revelation of man to God
5.The Second Meeting of the Court 1985

185.The Trial Before Pilate 1987
1.Pontius Pilate 1987
2.Jesus Appears Before Pilate 1989
The written charges of the Sanhedrist tribunal
3.The Private Examination by Pilate 1991
4.Jesus Before Herod 1992
5.Jesus Returns to Pilate 1993
6.Pilate's Last Appeal 1994
The scourging of Jesus
"Behold the man!"
7.Pilate's Last Interview 1995
8.Pilate's Tragic Surrender 1996

186.Just Before the Crucifixion 1997
Jesus' family at Bethany
1.The End of Judas Iscariot 1997
The thirty pieces of silver
2.The Master's Attitude 1999
"Pilate on trial before Jesus."
"Behold God and man!"
3.The Dependable David Zebedee 2000
4.Preparation for the Crucifixion 2001
5.Jesus' Death in Relation to the Passover 2002

187.The Crucifixion 2012
1.On the Way to Golgotha 2004
"Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me . . ."
Simon from Cyrene
2.The Crucifixion 2006
3.Those Who Saw the Crucifixion 2008
4.The Thief on the Cross 2008
Jesus' charge to John
5.Last Hour on the Cross 2010
6.After the Crucifixion 2011

188.The Time of the Tomb 2012
Joseph and Nicodemus before Pilate
1.The Burial of Jesus 2012
2.Safeguarding the Tomb 2014
3.During the Sabbath Day 2014
What did Jesus commend to the Father's hands?
Status of the personality of Jesus
4.Meaning of the Death on the Cross 2016
5.Lessons from the Cross 2017

189.The Resurrection 2020
1.The Morontia Transit 2020
2.The Material Body of Jesus 2022
3.The Dispensational Resurrection 2024
Departure of the Personalized Adjuster
4.Discovery of the Empty Tomb 2025
The five women
Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene
5.Peter and John at the Tomb 2027
Second appearance—to Mary Magdalene

190.Morontia Appearances of Jesus 2029
1.Heralds of the Resurrection 2029
2.Jesus' Appearance at Bethany 2031
Appearance to his brother James
Appearance to his earthly family
3.At the Home of Joseph 2033
4.Appearance to the Greeks 2033
5.The Walk With Two Brothers 2034

191.Appearances to the Apostles and Other Leaders 2037
Reactions of the individual apostles
1.The Appearance to Peter 2039
2.First Appearance to the Apostles 2040
3.With the Morontia Creatures 2040
Stages of morontia progression
4.The Tenth Appearance (At Philadelphia) 2041
5.Second Appearance to the Apostles 2042
"Blessed are those in the ages to come . . ."
6.The Alexandrian Appearance 2044

192.Appearances in Galilee 2045
1.Appearance by the Lake 2045
"Lads, have you caught anything?"
2.Visiting With the Apostles Two and Two 2047
3.On the Mount of Ordination 2050
4.The Lakeside Gathering 2050

193.Final Appearances and Ascension 2052
The sixteenth appearance (courtyard of Nicodemus)
1.The Appearance at Sychar 2053
2.The Phoenician Appearance 2054
3.Last Appearance in Jerusalem 2055
4.Causes of Judas's Downfall 2055
5.The Master's Ascension 2057
6.Peter Calls a Meeting 2057

194.Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth 2059
The new gospel about Jesus
1.The Pentecost Sermon 2060
2.The Significance of Pentecost 2060
The mission of the Spirit of Truth
Man's threefold spiritual endowment
The seven higher spiritual influences
3.What Happened at Pentecost 2062
4.Beginnings of the Christian Church 2066

195.After Pentecost 2069
Reasons for the triumph of Christianity in the Occident
Early Christian compromises
1.Influence of the Greeks 2071
2.The Roman Influence 2072
3.Under the Roman Empire 2073
4.The European Dark Ages 2074
5.The Modern Problem 2075
6.Materialism 2076
7.The Vulnerability of Materialism 2078
8.Secular Totalitarianism 2081
9.Christianity's Problem 2082
10.The Future 2084

196.The Faith of Jesus 2087
Jesus' living faith in God
"Seek first the kingdom of heaven."
"Why do you call me good?"
What prayer meant to Jesus
Jesus' childlike faith in God
1.Jesus—The Man 2090
2.The Religion of Jesus 2091
The religion about Jesus
Religion as a personal experience
3.The Supremacy of Religion 2093
Fact, idea, and relation
Reason, wisdom, and faith
Thing, meaning, and value
Unless a divine lover lived in man . . .
Morality and religion
The Father is living love . . .