The Virile Powers of Superb Manhood

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The Virile Powers of Superb Manhood  (1900)  by Bernarr Macfadden
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Editor of "Physical Culture,"
(With the assistance of Medical and Other Authorities)

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Entered at Stationers Hall, London, England.


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To assist in stifling that horrible curse of prudishness and the ignorance of sex which it entails is the object which has inluenced the writing of this book.

To all those whose souls and bodies are tortured with weakness because of the criminal neglect of prudish parents, or because of their own indiscretions or excesses resulting from ignorance of sex, this book is most respectfully dedicated.

Do not be satisfied with mediocrity: Push onward and upward. If you are not strong, if you have not the energy, the ambition, the power, which lead one above the prosaic, the commonplace, develop it now. Make up your mind that strength and health of a high degree shall be yours, and work for this end with determination and persistence, and superb physical powers will be your glorious reward.


Numerous books have been written on the subject treated herein, but no one gives sufficient practical knowledge to enable the average reader to apply the necessary treatment required in his own case.

The writer has endeavored to supply this need. He has purposely refrained from all technical phrases, and the contents have been abbreviated as much as possible.

It is the writer's desire to furnish the greatest amount of information in the fewest possible words. He is of the opinion that there are thousands, and perhaps millions, of boys, young men, and even old men, whose powers, mental, physical and sexual, are fast declining because of the need of knowledge which can be supplied here, and he firmly and honestly believes that the contents of this work will do more to elevate, ennoble and strengthen its readers than any other influence of a similar character. It will help them to be men—strong, virile, superb—and the first duty of every male human adult is to be a man. All other requirements should be subordinate to this. You cannot build a house without a foundation to rest upon, and virile manhood is the foundation upon which must rest all the results that accrue from education and the refining influences of civilized life. In other words, if you do not possess this virile manhood your imperative duty is to strive for its acquirement, even if necessary for the time being to sacrifice every other purpose in life. For if you are not a man, you are nothing but a nonentity! A cipher! And as long as you remain in this emasculated condition, your powers and capacities in every way will be bound by your weakened condition.

The writer has pointed out the way to acquire and retain these much desired powers. It lies with you. Is the reward a sufficient recompense? If so, begin the work prescribed here at once, for he is no miracle worker. He does not offer you powers, worth more than all the money in the universe, in a few dollars' worth of powders or pills. You must work for such rewards. There is nothing on earth of real value which is acquired without labor, and the powers of manhood are no exception to this rule. You must bring about your own cure.

The writer desires to say in conclusion, that it is impossible for him to give special advice in individual cases. If this book is carefully studied there should be absolutely no need of this. He has found, usually, that those who desire special advice, simply wish to avoid the study necessary in forming accurate conclusions as to the proper treatment in their cases. He has endeavored to meet every possible contingency that will appear in ordinary cases, and though he is aware that one is usually under the impression that his case is far from agreeing with the ordinary, still careful study will usually reveal no features essentially different.

You should study up your own case and thus be able to answer your own questions; and it will be to your advantage in the end to do this, because you will be following conclusions that are the product of your own reasoning, and if they are wrong the results will soon show it, and then, if puzzled, you can go to others to solve your problems.

Bernarr Macfadden.


CHAPTER I 11 The Importance of Virile Manhood.

CHAPTER II 16 Causes of Loss of Manhood.

CHAPTER III 21 Masturbation.

CHAPTER IV 33 Sexual Excesses.

CHAPTER V 41 Night Losses and Other Drains Upon Vital Powers.

CHAPTER VI 51 Promiscuous Intercourse.

CHAPTER VII 57 Tobacco — Its Destructive Effect on Sexual Powers,

CHAPTER VIII 63 The Destructive Effects of Alcohol and Other Stimulants.

CHAPTER IX 68 Electric Belt Fake.

CHAPTER X 71 The Influence of Absolute Continence.

CHAPTER XI 82 Why Marriage Sometimes Wrecks.

CHAPTER XII 103 Sexual Annihilation or Starvation.

CHAPTER XIII 106 Complete Impotence from Old Age and Other Causes.

CHAPTER XIV no Undeveloped or Wasted Organs.

CHAPTER XV 113 Varicocele. Page:The Virile Powers of Superb Manhood.djvu/18