The Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France & Denmark/Chapter 17

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The Prediction of Malchy, ſome time Arch-Biſhop of Dublin, and accounted by the Papiſts for a Saint, relating to the downfal of the Papacy.

THIS man having by way of Symbole deſcribed all the Popes that were before his time, ſince his time, and what he propoſes are yet to come, concludes with a ſad O hone! O hone! in theſe words: In the laſt perſecution of the Romiſh church, (ſays he) one Peter a Roman, ſhall poſſeſs the chair, and feed the ſheep in many tribulations; which being accompliſhed, the ſeven-hill'd city ſhall be deſtroyed, and the dreadful Judge ſhall call the people to judgement: And this, according to his account, is computed to happen in the year 1800, if we allow 7 years to the reign of every Pope; however, for the Elect's ſake, theſe days may be ſhortened.