The Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France & Denmark/Chapter 22

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A Prophecy of Rabbi Elias, relating to the end of the world.

THE words in original are in Hebrew, as being done by a Jewish Rabin, but in English thus, viz.

Thus ſaid the ſons of Diſciples of Elias, the world conſiſteth of 6000 years, 2000 years void, 2000 the law, and 2000 under the Meſſias, but for our ſins which are many, thoſe years are paſſed over that are paſt already; and of this opinion are many learned fathers of the Chriſtian Church, alluding a thouſand years to a day of the creation; and as there was a ſabbath of reſt at the end of the ſix days, ſo at the end of the ſix thouſand years there will be an everlaſting ſabbath.