The Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France & Denmark/Chapter 24

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A Prophecy of Paul Greener's, relating to the downfal of the Jeſuits.

THERE shall ariſe, ſays he, a new fortunate Zisca, who shall break the heads of the Jeſuits in Germany, drive them out of Aſtria, and all the tracts of Pannonia, even as far as Conſtantinople itſelf; therefore, 'tis meet and requiſite that a precious diadem be ſet upon the head of this fortunate Tutoriick Ziſca, who is the head of the ſtock, a great and valiant warrior, that comes of the ſtock of Mars the ſixth; he shall rule victoriouſly, and do many famous things, happily finishing them, with his other tribunes and captains: After theſe revolutions, great and wonderful things shall enſue, and many myſteries brought to light.