The Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France & Denmark/Chapter 27

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A ſecond Prophecy of Paul Greener's, preſaging the reſtoring of divers Princes of the Empire, &c. and the downfal of the Papal Authority.

THE Lord (ſaith he) doth raiſe up an elector which ſhall throw down, and root of the Roman Antichriſt in his dominions, with her members and abettors, in this valiant precipitated tumult, raging like a ſea in a tempeſt: Many princes ſhall be reſtored to their rights, former eſtates and liberties: And a noble ſtout Bohemian Lord doth recover his juriſdiction by the meeting of ar- mies and their diſſipation, and the heirs of ſuch as are expelled ſhall contend and labour; that by the bounty of the emperor of Germany, they may be ſet again in the place of their anceſtors.